Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chipolti, Small Fry and a Value Drink... $4.47

Not far from the new location that I reside at, is a Jack in the Box. I used to frequent this same Jack in the Box in 1974, when I first moved here. I'd be on my way home from work in Old Scottsdale and remember that the conversation with my wife included me picking up dinner from Jack on my way home. So this particular location holds some pretty old memories, mostly that when I got home, my order was never right. Being hungry one day, I searched the neighborhood for some fast food. I found an Arby's immediately, but that place has never been a favorite. Driving a little farther, I spotted my old Jack in the Box at 71st St. and Shea and pulled in. I went inside because I had no idea what their menu offered and knew it might take awhile. I spotted the Chipolti sandwich, which is deep friend chicken breast, heavily breaded on toasted sour dough bread, with cheese, bacon and a special sauce that was hotter than a firecracker. I liked it! I ordered it with a medium sized fry and diet Coke and the price came to $5.94. I carried it home and savored every crunchy bite. The following day, being a creature of habit, I did the same thing. Day 2 it came to $8.03.......huh? I reiterated what I wanted and tried ordering it without a drink, after all I had Diet Coke at home. Now it was $7.68. I got tired of arguing with a Hispanic girl trying to speak into a mic and trying to understand her, so I drove to the window. There was an American kid, who had waited on me the previous day and for some reason he remembered me. Whatever he said to the girl didn't matter, but suddenly the price was $5.94. I was happy, or at least content. The next day was moving day and Brad and I stopped guess where? Brad went to the restroom to wash his mover's hands and I ordered us 2 Chipoti's with small fries. Now it was $10.55 for 2.

A few days later I had the craving for spicy again and went to me favorite Deep fried chicken sandwich place and there was my friend the American kid. Doesn't it seem funny that in this country I have to describe him by "American Kid"? He remembered me and said he liked my car. I have a Volvo convertible. He leaned over and told me that if I order my Chipolti with a "Value Drink" (it's actually a size small with 16 ounces) I can have my order for $4.47. I'm thinking that at this rate, in practically no time, they'll be paying me to order it! No wonder people hate old folks! Tell your friends!

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