Monday, June 11, 2012

Shame on UPS!

I was patiently waiting in the doctor's office for Iron infusion, after being asked another of those stooopid questions by the receptionist. I checked in and then heard my name called, so I yelled back, "WHAT"? It got a giggle by a few fellow patients and eventually I moseyed up to the receptionist and announced my presence. She asked for my insurance card and asked if I'm still with Medicare???? All I could do was stare at her and say, "How could I not be, unless I became too young to be eligible?" That's when it happened. I looked into her eyes and saw the Ferris wheel going around and around. I decided to just tell her, yes and avoid any further explanation.

As I was re-seating myself after that unfortunate exchange, I noticed a nurse came out and called a name. Just then, a man in a motorized wheel chair began his unexpected approach to the interior offices, but cut his turn too short and dragged the chair behind me in with him, but leaving it blocking his way in his final approach. I stood and cleared it out of his way, so he could continue his trip inside. I replaced the chair where it came from and winked at a man about my age sitting across from and said, "Student Driver". He smiled back and nothing more was said.

At some point I was also taken inside and administered Iron into my soon to be removed "PORT". I was then sent out to wait 30 minutes to see if I was to have any sort of reaction, according to federal law. When I returned to the waiting room, there sat my my wheel chaired friend, clearly in the path of the front door and as it turned out, he was waiting for Dial-a Ride. Just then, UPS pulled up in front of the door, blocking the parking lot, like they do. The driver hopped out and started loading boxes into his hands until they were about 3 or 4 tall, with a large flat box balancing on top and under his chin. Before anyone could predict the disaster about to occur, he tripped over the man with the wheel chair, pouring all of his boxes on the poor guys head. Without a word said, the UPS driver got up, reloaded his boxes in the same proven to be bad way and continued on his way to the inner offices. There sat the wheel chair guy, with birds still flying around his head, confused to say the least, when Dial-a-Ride came in and wheeled him away. My mouth was fully opened in the middle of a major WTF?

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