Monday, June 11, 2012

Too Many Loose Ends!

In an eleventh hour save, I awakened to a text message and a voicemail, not to mention that as soon as I turned on my phone, it was Dr. Harvey calling to tell me NOT to allow Nurse Carol remove my line, as it is indeed not a PICC line, but a port and it requires a doctor to remove it safely in a surgical setting and that he would arrange that for me today, Monday. After successfully completing a dream of me surviving the procedure, I awakened and waited for a phone call. At 10 AM, I became impatient and texted Dr. Harvey, "What time and where?" He replied almost immediately that it was just what he was working on and it doesn't seem like he can easily schedule me at either the Surgi-center or Good Sam for today. I texted him back, "This is precisely why I didn't want to get sick in the first place, too many loose ends"!

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