Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ground Hog Day...

I too am looking for the "Last Love" of my life.

The mind....the things and people that attract you -- everyone is different. The only way that you can get a really great sense of the person that you see in front of you is to listen and engage in conversation...and I don't mean on .

I live in North Central Phoenix. I think a good place to meet would be just south of 7th Street and Cactus, at the Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs on 7th Street just south of 7th St. & Cactus.

When you are ready to meet, let me know.

Look forward to meeting you, soon.


My reply below:

As we get older, sometimes our memories aren't as sharp as we'd like. I got divorced in 2002 and out of shear loneliness, I joined Match. YOU were the first person to write to me, way back then. Because you were and are a tad older than me, I didn't respond. Following my history, you continued to write or wink at me each time I'd become a member here, about every 2 years or so. At some point I replied and we actually spoke on the phone, but I decided that we didn't have enough in common to continue and just faded away. Here we are half way through 2012 and the saga continues. We may both be looking for the last great love of our lives, but it is not each other. I don't mean this in an evil, mean way, but I'm just not into you. 

Dutch Ovens

Addendum:  It appears that Alzheimer's is a constant threat at this age and anyone can be the victim of it, as displayed in the next email from this poor loony woman. Read on:

I wish you best of luck in your continued search!

I am now in a very happy relationship with someone very special.

The best of luck to you.


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