Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crowned Again!

Several months ago, I was visiting one of my girlfriends at her home when something unfortunate happened. Upon leaving her home, I stopped at her foyer where she keeps a supply of candy in a basket for visiting guests. So as not to disclose any names, we'll refer to this woman as the Dragon Lady, since she has long frayed, over-processed blond hair and ridiculously long fingernails. Dragon lady had too much to drink and had smoked one of those chocolate cigars in front of her crystal ball earlier and I needed something to clear my taste buds, so I dipped into the the selection of candy and came up with a piece of Carmel. I don't think it took more than one bit into the sweet luscious morsel, when my precious crown came off with it. To my dismay, I spit the candy into my hand and low and behold there it was. That was a thousand dollar piece of candy, as it turned out.

A few days ago, I made the mistake of biting into a frozen Snicker's bar and once again a piece of that same tooth went into the history books, leaving a sharp edge destroying both my tongue and my cheek. Today, I was dropping off my shirts at the cleaners and I couldn't get a parking place close to the Cleaner's store front. I parked a few doors down and gathered my shirts to carry in to the store and when I looked up, it was like a sign from God. The store front said Dr.Alan Philippe Katz DDS. Almost as though I were in a trance, I walked in and made an appointment for tomorrow... The part that amazes me, is that I didn't have to be dragged there, I did it all on my own. Frankly, I'm feeling quite grown up!

I never saw the Dragon Lady again!


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