Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Car Salesman...

Today was the day I've been waiting for, for 6 months. I was driving to the doctor's office to find out why my neighbors garage door goes up and down repeatedly whenever I'm outside. They said something about adjusting my pacemaker, when my phone rang. It was a perspective customer calling from my car lot. He said he had a check in his pocket for $20,570 and if I'd take that much for my 07 Chevy Silverado, he'd be pleased to buy it. The loudest thing was the screech of my brakes, trying to stop and turn around as I calmly said I'd consider his offer. We agreed to meet at the lot at about 2 PM. It was 1 PM when we spoke and I had to go to the house on the other side of town and get the title and some things to make the sale effective.

I skidded into my driveway and the Dynamic Duo were happy to see me, as I tore past them, grabbed my briefcase and stopped for a quick pee. I don't think I broke stride as I shot past them on the way out to the car the second time. I'm not sure but, I think I saw Bogie flip me a "doggie bird" on my way out. Cutting off a neighbor that's always either coming or going, I laid a patch of rubber from my over sized tires and was on my way to the office of Airport Enterprises in West Phoenix. I arrived about 15 minutes early, in time to jump start the dead battery on this brand new Chevy truck and let it run for awhile, charging it up. I got a call from Eddie, saying he was running late, but would be there in a few minutes. His few minutes turned out to be about an hour. I wrote up the transaction and he told me he had to go to get a fresh check with my name on it and it would probably take him 15 minutes. That particular 15 minutes lasted about an hour and a half. We need to get Eddie a new watch!

Eddie showed up with a driver and a check, 2 of my favorite things in selling a vehicle. We exchanged assets. He took the truck and I took the check. We shook hands, promised to do this again, soon and Eddie took off with his driver. My favorite part of a sold vehicle are the tail lights. When I see them, I know my work is done!



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