Saturday, March 22, 2008

Women and Tools, Fire and Ice....

After slamming the phone down on me for having asked the question, "What are you doing", I thought it wise to keep my end of the bargain with St. Jules, the meanest woman in AZ. It seems that she was cleaning her pool filter and had already called in the back up troops, her ex-husband, as he is the only man on Earth that can fix things, or so it seems. Phil can do this and Phil can do that. Well, Phil couldn't clean her filter, not anymore anyway. For such an exciting thing, she's just going to have to rely on a man that's never really seen a cartridge filter , but does possess common sense.

When I arrived Jules was hard at work and had "NOTHING" under control, that was evident by the fact that there was a plethora of tools strewn about with no semblance of order. Sockets really shouldn't be left haphazardly in the grass as the only real way to find them is with the lawnmower, she'll learn. The "tool shocked Jules" was trying to turn a threaded screw with a socket and ratchet, Phil's misunderstood instructions. As anyone that's ever picked up a hammer knows, that's a no no. With the advantage of a call to Shasta and a handy fellow, (me), the job got done in a timely and neat fashion. I was also able to fix the faucet and replace her dead bulb in her truck, leaving plenty of time to assemble her new barbecue.

Jules took an air of comfort seeing the things get done, that have been bothering her all week. All that's left is to drive back there and eat the dinner that the Lovely Jules has prepared for me of grilled trout on her new Weber. Oh, and I have to figure out a way to not have her find out that I wrote all off this too. It seems that the meanest woman in AZ. is crafty as well!



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Jules said...

OMG !! The LIES!! you tell. While Mel lounged in the sun with a foo foo drink including little umbrella that I made him, I was the one that fixed the pool pump!And it's working beautifully, thank you very much.