Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She Moves in the Shadows, then......................BAM!

In my numerous years on this planet, I've encountered many unpleasant things. I've had both knees operated on, at different times of course, I've had 2 hair transplant episodes and I cannot begin to tell you of the pain involved in that. I had a maniacal emergency room doctor poke a hole through the descending artery of my heart. As a result I experienced open heart surgery to patch up the hole. I've endured several root canals and just this week had a pacemaker placed into the heart of my chest and I've still never encountered anything as painful as running head on into a woman suffering from PMS! In fact, why do they say the woman is suffering from it? The woman is merely the carrier! Men do all of the suffering....

Just today, I made the mistake of answering my telephone and a PMS carrier not only jumped down my throat, but grabbed my tonsil and anything else she could on the way down, before she hung up on me. Shaken, but not badly wounded, I dragged myself to the sofa where I spent the balance of the day recovering and licking my wounds. I don't plan on subjecting myself to that type of an attack again.. Not for another 28 days, anyway!


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Anonymous said...

You can probably aleviate this problem by dating women your own age. Just a thought........

Dragon Lady