Friday, August 14, 2009

A Flash from the Past...

I shared this story with a friend this morning and they thought it would make a great blog entree, so here we go.
The year was probably 1962 or 1963. The location was my home town of Skokie, Illinois and it was the heart of winter. We had suffered a rather bad snow storm the night before and I was sitting on the end of the sofa, looking out the window, watching Jack our next door neighbor shoveling snow to clear his walkway. Jack was a pharmacist and worked a ton of hours at our local Walgreen's. He was almost never home during the day.
My father, a man without a sense of humor, walked up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and looked to see what had me so intent on observing. In a rather matter of fact way, he asked, "Jack off today"? Knowing that timing was everything, I slowly turned, looked him in the eye and said, "No, you"?

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