Sunday, August 16, 2009

NOT a love story...

For those of you that are in a relationship or in a long term forever marriage and are thinking about freeing themselves of that involvement, this entree is for you too. Those of us that are single and looking, there is a dating service call It is for everyone that I write this post.

On July 24th, of this year, I was on my way out the door to meet Dippy for our first introductory date. We refer to this as the interview date. I was about out the door when the computer chimed to announce I had new mail. I stopped and what you read below came from an attractive 48 year old flight attendant. I quickly replied that I was on my way out, but would write her back in a detailed email and definitely get in touch with her. Little did I know that Dippy and I would "hit it off" and I wouldn't follow up with this Diane. Feeling guilty and not knowing how Dippy was feeling about me, I tried to buy myself some time by writing and saying I'd been pretty busy with selling my house, but was still intending on contacting her by phone soon. A week later she replied, "A call only takes a minute, it's up to you."

Yet another week later, I was sure that Dippy and I were pretty content with one another and I wrote the next email.

Initial email from Diane:

Date received: July 24, 2009Subject:
I am also from the Chicago area (Evanston). and have a lot of the same interests you do. Your pictures are great!
Since I am often on the run, I can't always get to a computer. You can reach me at XXX XXX-XXXX.
Take care,

My "buying time" email.

Hi Diane: First let me say that I did have every intention of contacting you, but things have changed since you first wrote. As I replied to you, I was on my way out to go on my first date with a lady that I had met on Match. As you can imagine, I had no idea how it would go. It appears that it went pretty well and we're currently seeing each other. I'm not what you'd call a "player" and do not intentionally ever deceive anyone. What I told you about listing my house is true, but you are correct, a phone call takes only a few minutes. I wanted to see how this relationship developed before meeting someone new and it appears to be quite "on track" at the present time. Do you think it would be acceptable to you, if the current situation changes, that I contact you at that time and see if you're still interested? As I mention in my profile, I believe in honesty, even when it's not good news. Mel.....

Yet another week went by and this is my response from Diane:

game playing and dishonesty. Sorry

My knee jerk reaction when I read this in the middle of the night:

What I'm hearing is a sore LOSER, but a LOSER none the less! Sorry.

Then I felt bad about saying something so rude and insulting and didn't figure she joined a dating service to be emotionally dismantled and follow a few hours with this:

Please forgive my knee jerk reaction to your previous email. I awakened in the middle of the night to read your reply. If you're fair about the entire situation, you'll have to agree that I couldn't have been more honest with you. If you'd prefer to have it your way, that's okay too. Apologizing for being cruel, is the intention of this email. Good luck to you.


Then, last night I got this email another full week later: (hold onto your hats)

Date received: August 16, 2009
Subject: RE: Seek professional help!

I can't believe that I haven't even met you. You know nothing about me and you sent the last 2 e-mails "with the intention of being cruel". I especially couldn't believe you called me a "LOSER" All I can say is LOOK IN THE MIRROR DUDE!
What makes you even more of a loser is the fact that you met someone you like and you still want to leave communications open with me! You are the exact person that I want nothing to do with. If you think you are God's gift to women well guess what - you are more like the booby prize!
Thank God I didn't waste any time meeting you in person. You need psychiatric help before you go off on someone and hurt them I am now blocking you from contact I never want to hear from you again. LOSER!

And this, lol...

Date received: August 16, 2009Subject: RE: Re: RE: Excuses are Like............
Sore loser - YOU WISH! I haven't even met you (and believe me - you NEVER will) I'll put it in a nutshell - you look like a child molester and your personality is delusional. I am going to report you to Match because your e-mails are scary and sick! Why don't you put yourself in a "dutch oven" and turn it on high!

I never got to meet Diane... Do you think I dodged a bullet? I think Diane is alone for a reason and that reason is ANGER! Child Molester????

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Jules said...

I like her! Do you think you'll get kicked off Match AGAIN?