Thursday, August 27, 2009


Having to return to work tonight, Dippy and I just finished a 48 hour marathon with one another. Because I'm extremely old, the events of the 2 days seem to be running together, but I know for sure they include both Mexican and Chinese foods, at least one or two Margarita's and a whole lot of fun. Not the weird kind of fun that you can't really talk about, but the side splitting fun that only happens when 2 people are on the same wave length. Seemingly, we both like exactly the same kinds of food and often order the same entree. Dippy is a little more partial to Mexican and I can eat Chinese food almost everyday. I'm always willing to bend if it's a Mexican food night, however. I did make one point to Dippy after paying the bill for our Chinese food. I asked if she knew the difference between Chinese food and Mexican food and she ask what? About 20 bucks, I replied and we left.

Wednesday night was our honeymoon night and we laughed and played all night, finally drifting off about 4 AM, but when the phone rang at 7:30, we both jumped into action to see what was wrong. Forgetting that the rest of the world is up and about at that hour, we settled back to doze for a few minutes, but the night was officially over. Then we drank "our" coffee and dressed and headed over to Dippy's for her to shower and change clothes. We went to lunch and then picked up my Corvette that was at the repair shop on the other side of town. Or it was the day before and we just went back to my house to settle in. We watched TV and talked and told stories from long ago and looked at pictures of kids and people long gone. By the time night fell, I personally was bushed, having had only 3 1/2 hours of sleep and I'm pretty sure Dippy was feeling the same. We headed up to bed and that's when Dippy asked for extra pillows. I looked at her like she was kidding because there were already 4 on the bed. She volunteered that she likes a lot of pillows. I went downstairs where I remember 2 king sized pillows in a guest room closet and 2 more on the guest room bed. Climbing the stair with 4 large pillows and throwing them onto the bed that already had 4 pillows, I just laughed. Dippy was elated and thanked me for my thoughtfulness. She settled in as I just watched and climbed into bed too. I asked her to scratch my back and I think I recall about 3 scratches before seeing that it was not only light out, really bright. I slept like a log! I rolled over to my left side to see if my playmate was up yet and that's when I saw it, "THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE". To my recollection, it was only Superman that had a "Fortress of Solitude". Now there was one in my very bedroom and right there in my bed. Dippy had created a cave of pillows. She had disappeared into this cave and I wasn't sure I'd ever see her again, until I rubbed my eyes and recognized my black T-shirt that I had worn the day before. It was stuffed with boobs and hiding inside the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE. She'd built a fort! Inside this fort, god only knows what weaponry was armed and ready to fire. I woke her gently by whispering a private message in her ear. She must have been dreaming of an invasion, because she jumped into action. I calmed her with my obnoxious laugh and inquired about her Fortress of Solitude. Innocently, she just replied, I told you I like a lot of pillows! Tonight she goes back to work and life will resume a more routine style.....................until next week, then look out!


Anonymous said...

Check your spelling in the title.
Fortrees. Thought I'd let ya know.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy for you! You sound so happy and settled and just darn "involved"...I hope that it's just the ticket for you and I truly mean that! Thanks for the song, I found a few more that make me smile! NMS