Saturday, August 8, 2009

FOR SALE- "Marital Beds"

Marital Bed
Most of the learning that an individual does is probably between the ages of 1 and 5, but that doesn't mean one cannot learn forever. I learned something today, that not only was a true realization, but could possibly grow to be a very lucrative business. Selling "Marital Beds". During a casual conversation with Dippy this morning, we were discussing why she doesn't own a punch bowl, but rather thinks her former husband was awarded it in their divorce. That made me think of all the things my ex-wife took when we split the sheets. Debra would come for an occasional visit and see something she liked and casually ask, you don't use that Persian rug that just sits in the foyer, do you? I'd reply, no it just sits on the floor, I never really use it and quick as you could say "Jack Robinson", it would be rolled up and on it's way out to Debra's car, gone!

So Dippy was telling me how she wanted mostly new things when she and her spouse split, except for the family room furniture she took, leaving the living room furniture for him. Then she added she certainly didn't want their bed! Although this conversation took place on the phone, I felt I could almost see the look of disgust on her face. That's when I realized I'd heard that before. The women NEVER want the "Marital Bed". Did it hold such horrors? Did such terrible things happen in that bed that it was to be cast away without thought? Women act like it goes without saying, that bed has to go!

Why was it that my bed was good enough when my ex-wife and I played in it, before we got married, but as soon as we got married, WE NEEDED A NEW BED?

Here's my thought. I run an ad online, perhaps Graigs List, offering cash for unwanted "Marital Beds"... Well, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think buying other people's
"stains" is just a bad idea in general.

Things I Left Behind said...

Humph, never thought about the "stains"!



Anonymous said...

You're welcome Mel! Anytime.
Never can be too careful when it
comes to the bodily fluids of
total strangers you know. Deb

Jules said...

DEB?? Since when did you infiltrate Mel's blog?

He lies. You know that, Right?

Things I Left Behind said...

Perhaps you 2 could find another venue to aimlessly chat?

Your Author

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't invite HER to comment
on me being here! So blame Julie,
not me. I secretly think she is jealous about me getting in that good comment about the STAINS!!!Tee-hee. Do you really lie?