Saturday, August 29, 2009

Living Opposite Lives...

When I was a young boy, I recall lingering in bed and really sucking up all of the goodness of the bed as long as conceivably possible. It felt sooo good to lounge there and doze off repeatedly. Obviously it was the weekend or a holiday when school wasn't in the horizon.
As life went on, those lingering days were gone and replaced with hopping into action, getting ready for work or to change a dirty diaper, or to answer a ringing phone call from the Fraternal Order of Police Relief Fund. Those days of lounging in bed were over and truly missed. Well, they're back! They stopped at 16 and started again at 60. It's just wonderful. I love my bed and my bed loves me.
This morning I called and left a message for Dippy. I had already missed her by oversleeping. I didn't get up to call until 9 AM and she had worked all night until 7:30 AM and had already gone to bed for the day, by the time that I called. I left her a groggy message and she returned my call today at 5 PM as she was stretching and starting to get ready for work again. She works three, 12 1/2 hour days from 7 PM until 7:30 AM per week, back to back and then has 7 days off in a row. Awesome schedule, but hard to get used to.


Anonymous said...

OK, get used to the real world, Mel! For every one of us that have worked 12 to 16 hours shifts (what yu do when you are charge RN) in a hospital setting, there is a man or woman in the wings waiting for us to come back to the real world. My hubbie used to drive me to work and pick me up in the a.m. with the newspaper, a pillow and a thermos of coffee to enjoy while he gladly drove me home from work! This is the world of the shift worker and their family! Enjoy, embrace and join in... It ain't rocket science...But I do give you credit for your finding it amazing....that is the fun for us who cut our teeth working years of night shifts esp in level one trauma hospitals....miss it to this day....NMS

Things I Left Behind said...

I HATE when the comments are longer and better reading than the post!


Anonymous said...

See, what I got out of reading the
post wasn't so much about whining
about the schedule, I felt like you
miss Dippy. Mel,Are you in love?

Deb from IN