Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chase Bank Sucks!

It's no secret that Chase Bank did not get as big as it is using ethics. No, they practice a slimier type of business excelling in the areas that behoove them. In 1993 when my ex-wife died, she owed Chase Bank $7500. So naturally they contacted me, who had been divorced from her for 2 years at that point and insisted on payment. I simply explained that it was not my indebtedness and refused to pay it, but that didn't stop them. They attached her bill to me insisting I was on the account. I asked for a copy of my signature to prove it and they supplied a forgery. Anyone would agree that it was not my hand that wrote that name. It wasn't even close. I in fact had my own Chase account that is still in place 28 years later. I was required to come to their headquarters in Tempe and wait in the lobby while a messenger came down and asked me to sign my name ten times to prove the signature was not mine. I complied, but they still insisted it was me. They literally crippled my credit as a result of me not paying them the $7500, that by then had become $11,000 with interest. I hired a lawyer to represent me, but all he did was take my money with no results. I would guess I paid him in the area of $3000. Still being hounded day and night by collectors, as Chase had sold my alleged delinquent account to an aggressive third party collector. All of this took place in about 3 or 4 year span. Out of desperation, I contacted the Commission of U.S. Bankers and wrote a hand written letter to them explaining everything, Within 24 hours of them receiving my letter, my credit had been restored and no mention of an indebtedness to Chase bank for my former wife's debt was on my record. I as in the right and Chase Bank knew it.

Now it's 2010 and I'm having a dispute with Chase Bank over the corrupt dentist and I was pleased to say that the bank had sided with me. I boasted of it on this blog. I was in the right and knew it. I have since received notice that Dr. Lloyd, the crook, has refused to reimburse Chase Bank for the $3500. They have done an investigation on Dr. Lloyd and discovered that he is not to be collected from. What do you suppose they did today. I got a phone call from a Mr. Young and his sole reason for calling me, after I placed at least 3 phone calls to him that he refused to return in timely fashion, was to tell me that I now owed them the $3500 for dental work, plus interest! Naturally, I was outraged and he talked non-stop never allowing me a chance to speak as was witnessed by LJ who was here listening on. For me to speak, I had to speak louder than Young who was explaining that the dentist delivered the work he described, in spite of my supplying testimonial from reputable dentists, (2) that explained that what Dr. Lloyd was doing represented malpractice.

I asked to speak with Young's supervisor and he told me HE was the supervisor. I said he must be accountable to a superior and he told me to write a letter. I hung up. Next step, 3 on Your Side??? Any suggestions?


Jules said...

I say raise fucking hell. But if I do, you'll chastise me for language...............

Raise fucking hell in the face of injustice. Bring on the fight!

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Very nice indeed I’ll probably download it. Thanks