Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teacher's Pet...

I had a date this past weekend with a charming little girl that I had met on one of the dating sites a couple of months ago. I'm not quite sure on why it took so long to get to the part where we finally met, but it went something like this. We emailed to one another and I tried my best to show my imaginary charm. After a period of time, I asked for her number, but she chose to get to know me a little better. More emailing. One day, she sent me her phone number without warning. About a few days went by and I called, only for me to run the conversation off the road. I got onto this dead end topic that was of no interest to either of us and once there, I just couldn't stop! It was about, of all things, Child Protective Services, that I know absolutely nothing about, a train wreck! When we hung up, I know that I did and later found out that she did the same.............threw up! The conversation was just ghastly! Realizing it, I wrote her a note that said, there was no reason for two semi-intelligent people to run the bus off the road to that extreme, but since we both realize it, perhaps we should give it another chance? Gracefully, she agreed. Now here is a problem. How in the world, do I get myself to call a lady that I'd had such a horrible conversation with? It didn't come easily. About a month passed and nothing. Then one day I saw her online and wrote something to her about, "How quaint seeing you here"? She didn't reply, but I was talking with Barbara last week and hung up the phone on her when suddenly the phone rang again and I thought it was Barbara, my ex-wife calling back, when the caller ID said, it was Sara... I answered, Sara, baby! Well, to say she was taken aback by my opening greeting was an understatement. Sara is a 4th grade teacher, about 5' 5" and a size 2 or 4. Sweet and slight and demure. I said, am I glad YOU called, I was just speaking with my ex-wife and hung up on her, hello! She said hello and we chatted for a time and decided to finally meet this weekend. Sara has a busy schedule with hiking and Yoga and being a grandmother. Don't you just love how grandmothers are so hot these days, or is it just me?

Sara showed up and called me from the restaurant. I was waiting in my car, as I had arrived early. When I first saw her I was pleased with her looks, which doesn't happen too often to me. She was my type. I went to the trouble of texting her when she was on the way there and telling her I was really 5' 4" and she kept texting me back saying, really, really? I think she was relieved to see I was taller.

We sat and chatted and did the dating dance. Told stories and tried to impress her with my humor and eventually it was time to see what we had here. I asked her if she felt we should see each other again and she said, you start! A million thoughts went through my mind with that response. Why should I go first? Is she interested and doesn't want to be turned down if she commits? I bobbed and weaved for about 5 minutes and talked about other topics when suddenly I asked if she'd like to go out again and she said, YES! Life just got easier. The wondering was over, she wanted to see me again. Good, now did I want to see her again? I believe I did! We have a MATCH!!!

All weekend I didn't know what to do with this new friend. She was busy hiking on Saturday and it turned out she went to Sedona with a group. She sent me a picture of scenery from her cell phone on Saturday and I replied that I had been searching the entire Sonoran desert for her, just banter. We spoke on the phone today and I invited her to go out for Chinese food tonight and she said she was having her granddaughter over to bake cookies and color. I understand priorities, so we'll go out on Wednesday.

I really enjoyed going to the 4th grade, but never really got a chance to be teacher's pet.........until now!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Sounds great, good luck to you both! NMS