Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gum Disease (The silent stench)

People fascinate me, and although I'm reflective by nature, nothing is better than a sunshine filled day, cool breeze, listening to music, sipping wine and enjoying easy conversation with a great man.
Please, Gentlemen, no drama, no facial hair, no gum disease, no charlatans, no bad attitude…

Above is a portion of a profile written by a woman that alleges to be 59. Some women just won't pass that 60 barrier no matter what nature and the calendar say. She is and probably was an attractive woman, but at some point a person must give up that cruel, judgemental attitude and accept what nature has bestowed upon them. As for being selective, I believe this woman has crossed a new boundary and that boundary addresses GUM DISEASE, the silent smell! Below is my email to her. I didn't insult her, just let her know that she's now being watched!

This was in her profile:

Please, Gentlemen, no drama, no facial hair, no gum disease, no charlatans, no bad attitude…

This is my email to her: (She had read the book I'm reading)

Dear Glitter:
I'm on page 616 of The Gate House, a wonderful book by Nelson DeMille. I see that you already read it and that's why I'm writing. Who dies? Anthony, Sally Da Da, Susan or John? Nevermind, don't tell me, but the suspense is too much. You may not like me, I'm a charlatan with a chin beard and a bad attitude, suffering from gum disease. Oh, the drama!


Jamie said...


Love it. And she is very pretty. Go for it!


Cheryl said...

I can tell what work she's had done. She looks good and who knows, she might be 59. So funny that she'd include gum disease. I'm guessing she's dealt with it up close and personal. She knows what she doesn't like, huh?

I have a few clients with gum disease. I breath through my mouth when I cut their hair so I don't have to smell it. Yuck!

Did she write back is the question...

Anonymous said...

OK, Dutch, 2 things...She does look her age, and very pretty. And perhaps she's a dental hygienist or dentist whose specialty is periodontics. Having married a dentist, I'd never date anyone who wore dentures...Call me weird, it's a hang up...Yours? Oh yeah, I forgot. Pretty women who lie about their age....BTW, whatever happened to the last one? Big hugs, NMS