Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Poor Sick Dentist and Stuff...

It appears that my victory was short lived with Chase Bank. A few days ago I got a packet in the mail from them indicating that the dentist in question, Dr. Lloyd is contesting their decision in my favor, by refusing to refund the money to Chase. No surprise to me. Included in this packet was a 4 page narrative from Dr. Lloyd proving without a doubt that he is a sociopath. He created a story for the bank that included me being HIV positive and also suffering from a nervous disorder. Then he went ahead and created a scenario that fit his actions and when addressing the fact that he just flat abandoned me, he claimed it was a misunderstanding, as his dental hygienist was out ill for 2 months and he left it at that. I've since created a rebuttal to his false accusations and also need to acquire letters from reputable dentists to support my claims. I asked my new dentist for a letter to that affect, but it's slow coming. Now I've missed the banks deadline.

The day that Arizona abolished the concealed weapon law, I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Lloyd. I walked into his office and said how glad I was that they changed that concealed weapon law, now I can conceal my gun wherever I go, (joking). Dr. Lloyd looked up and put his hands up in a defensive way and backed up scared, saying, "what?" I said calm down, I'm only reciting the new law. Oh, he replied and put his hands back down. I then told him I don't even own a gun and to relax. he did. That is a sure red flag that your dentist is a psycho when that happens. I should have taken notice then. By the way, I do own a gun, but have never shot anyone................yet.

So on the dating front, it's kind of quiet. I decided to let Sara go her own way when I realized that when I stopped talking it was just quiet. She seldom had anything to add to the conversation and I was basically entertaining her. Even her emails were one line long. There I was going into detail on long extravagant stories and hers would be a one liner answering a question. I thought she was just reserved, not boring. But boring best described Sara. I require more from a partner. There are a few new women waiting on the horizon, I'll introduce them as they come closer.

It's been a few days since I've posted anything, basically because things have been kind of quiet, but.............. a couple of things have happened. I went to the grocery store yesterday. Please understand that I got married 3 different times, mostly to avoid having to go food shopping at the grocery store. I literally hate it! Well, I dislike it, anyway. I wait until the most likely un-busiest day of the week. I went on a Monday. It wasn't too bad. I needed a few things and my pie supply had diminished down to mere crumbs. So I found the steaks that were on sale, T-bones and as I was walking towards the milk section at Fry's, I heard someone or something calling my name. I looked and it was the pie table, just screaming to me. I picked out a pecan pie and all the way home I could think of nothing else but slashing into it with a knife. I limited myself to just one pie, but I did pickup a banana nut cake and some cookies, just in case. I used the automated check out service and I was out of there in mere minutes, tearing at the bag that held my precious pie, but couldn't really reach it. When I got home, still leaving anything that didn't need refrigeration in the car, I shove a blade into that baby and to my chagrin, I found it to be mis-marked and it did NOT hold a single pecan, but peaches! WTF? Guess what. That's really okay, because I like peach pie too! I don't think they make a pie I don't like! So I ate a half of a peach pie, then carried in the rest of the groceries.

Even more excitement going on in my life... I was sitting at the computer working on some serious problems. Should I write to the blond or brunette, when suddenly I get an email from a name that sounds familiar, but required some deep immediate thought. It was from a Suzanne Something. Who was she and why was she writing to me. Before I even got to the email, I realized who she was and why I was so slow in recalling her. She was my long lost cousin from Chicago! I hadn't seen or heard from her in probably 40 years. My first crush! I was only about 4 or 5 years old when she began in my memory banks. I remember being just a little boy and when we'd go to their house to visit or they'd come over to our house, I'd get real quiet, put my hands in my pockets and just look down at the floor. Everyone would ask what's wrong and I didn't even know. I'd get real shy around cousin Suzanne. She was about a year older then me and was the youngest of 3 kids and her older siblings were brothers. She was the only girl. I really didn't know much about girls....................still don't!

Anyway, cousin Suzanne wrote to me asking if I want to be found. She and her husband ran into my brother at a benefit and she asked him for my email address and guess what! She told me last night that I was her favorite! Pretty exciting stuff, aye?

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