Friday, November 26, 2010

Teaching My Turkey to Fly...

In case you didn't notice, yesterday was Thanksgiving and for that I was thankful. Gathered together with loved one, we consumed my 4 year old turkey. He was almost a family member, he had been with me so long. It's not like I was taking a chance by serving him up, as I checked with Google and they said it was safe to keep a frozen turkey indefinitely. We had plenty to eat in case Google was wrong, but they weren't. Our aged turkey, limped to the oven and with a little coaxing he entered after giving is last words, which consisted of NOOOOOOO!!!!! I assured him it was his destiny and with his missing head down, he entered, if only to warm up a bit after his 48 month stay in the freezer. During his long stay in the lower shelf of my freezer, I'd check on him from time to time and he'd be in there wearing an overcoat and ear muffs complaining about the constant cold.

After a week of preparation, LJ and I were celebrating together this year, almost an annual ritual. She cooked and prepared and I supervised. Cooking is not my forte'. Cleaning up afterwards is not either so she being well versed at both, was a welcomed guest. While here, she renovated my ailing computer, helped me rearrange furniture and created a meal fit for a king. We ate, we laughed, we got tired. She went home and I snoozed.

After a 30 minute nap, my triptophan wore off and I addressed the turkey issue, looking kind of thin (the turkey, not me). Jules took some and left some and asked me if she had cleaned off the turkey enough to throw out the carcass. With my final inspection, I said to just leave it, I may work on it a little later on. There he sat with a smirk on his face, taunting me. Did I want to strip his bones or toss him out. The garbage can was closer than the cutting board, so I gave him one last chance to learn to fly. I tossed him in the air and half expected him go airborne, when he sank miserably into the waiting trash can. Whoops, sorry, farewell and thanks! And a thank you to Julie for all her hard work!

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Jamie said...

What a completely lucky fella you are! I want a friend that shows up, cooks, cleans, rearranges furniture, repairs my computer and lets me take a nap.

Happy Holidays Darlin. :)