Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Car that Wouldn't Leave the House...

Once upon a time in a land called Phoenix, there lived a car. It was a 1997 Buick Regal GS with a supercharger. It was a special car, as it looked like all of the others that were used primarily by the older crowd, but this car was special. It had the hard to find supercharger which made ever so quick! The year was 2003 and the car became available for sale, at a wholesale lot that the current owner frequented. The current owner, let's call him Mel, took it for a test drive and fell head over heals in love with this renegade car and so he bought it. Mel and the Regal became quick friends and romped and played all over the city streets and particularly liked getting out onto the open highway where Regal could feel free and play with all the other cars. Regal and Mel were fast becoming a "couple". One day about a year after Mel and Regal met, Mel was introduced to a 1985 Red Corvette that held a special attraction to Mel and was quickly acquired. The flashy Corvette boasted of a low mileage of only 42K, in spite of it's age of almost 20. That was in 2004. Regal was sadly kicked to the curb.

The years passed and although Regal was still part of the fleet and really not offered up for sale, she was isolated and left to her own devices. Upon Mel's retirement, Regal was asked to leave the fleet and find happiness with possibly another family. It's been over a year now, that Regal has been on the open market and although she gets many lookers, no one ever takes her home. Is she pouting, is she hopelessly in love with her current situation? I cannot answer that, but every time someone comes around, Regal develops a new ailment. Late last year she was almost sold when she developed fuel pump issues and complained until I bought her a new $500 fuel pump. Today a gentleman was coming over and no sooner do I inform her that she's going to have company, her power steering starts howling. I'm starting to think that she's trying to sabotage me with these misc. complaints and issues. I wonder if they have a for Buicks with an attitude!

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