Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Elderly...

Computer Desk $250

Yesterday at about 10:30 AM, I got call from a gentleman about my computer desk for sale. From his voice and inability to take directions, I thought him to be in his 70's. When I began giving him instruction on how to find where my storage locker is, he said to hold on while he fetched his wife. She was in charge of taking directions. She was a pleasant woman and I told her how to find the place, as she was coming from quite far away. East Mesa, for you locals. She said she'd see me tomorrow morning around 10:30. I figured certainly someone would call prior. Last night was one of those nights that I could not fall asleep no matter what side I flipped to and flipping, I did often. I actually think I was up all night long. Until about 6 AM, anyway. I did fall asleep around that time and promptly at 11 AM, I jumped up, grabbed my phone and saw that I had 3 messages. First it was Mrs. Elderly saying they were on their way and were at Chaparral and the 101, and would see me in about 30 minutes. Message number 2 was from Mrs. Elderly saying they got off the 101 too soon and would probably be another 20 minutes. Call number 3 was from Richard Elderly, saying they were at my storage locker and no one there knows me by the name of Mel and since they don't know my last name, all they can do is wait and am I on the other side of the fenced in area waiting for them? I wanted to answer, "No, I'm still in bed"!

Now the question is, what do I do? Go back to sleep, that I really wanted to do. Or do I call them and see if I've blown it completely, or am I just in time. I called and started with the apology of the century. My phone never rang, I forgot to turn the ringer on this morning and if they were still there, I could meet them in 30 minutes??? Mrs. Elderly answered and said they COULD go to McDonalds and have breakfast??? I suggested the egg McMuffin and flew from the bed to the shower. I got in only long enough to wet my hair and my memory and ran for the tooth brush, still dripping from cold water. Fifteen minutes of my precious 30 were used up as I started the hair dryer. Bam, it was yesterday's clothes and as I was running out the door, LJ said she made coffee, do I want a cup for the road. No time, I yelled as I grabbed a bottle of water and flew out the door. As I exited at 7th Ave and the 101, I checked my watch and I was 1 minute away from my destination and 1 minute was what I needed. I got caught by the light at Union Hills and that wasted my last precious minute, but I could see the lot was empty from there and had they just decided to teach me a lesson? I pulled in and parked and call the 612 area code and was prepared for someone to either not answer or answer and ask me how I like being stood up? Instead, it was Mrs Elderly saying they were just pulling out of McDonalds and they'd be there in a minute. Sixty seconds later the red truck pulled in and they were as nice and friendly as could be.

They followed me to the locker and got out and hmmmed and hawwwwed and finally said, "It ain't worth no $250, but I'll give ya $175 for her".... Being the fast thinker that I am, I thought, I'm only asking $200 and this poor guy thinks it's $250! I grabbed my chin and said, "Tell ya what I'll do. Since I was so inconsiderate and making you call me so many times, you can have it for $200". He reached his hand into his pocket and came out with 2 one hundred dollar bills. Sold, he said as we negotiated it into his red truck.

Now, he had a 1 hour ride back to the trailer park where they were staying and I had 10 minutes to get home and take down that ad, before he came home and realized he paid the full asking price. I sped home and found my ad and to my surprise, I WAS asking $250, who knew??? Humph!

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