Sunday, February 6, 2011

Living in a Closet...

Paws is the private pet of the Lovely Jules. He has been her pet for going on 20 years. In dog years, he's older than dirt. He lives a very simple lifestyle within the confines of LJ's closet. Don't misunderstand, as it's a palatial closet spanning to about 8 X 8 and is scented with the afterglow of perfumes and aromas of days gone by. Paws sleeps a lot, but gets up to eat and poop and enjoy the pleasures of a stroll. I'm told he still plays on occasion and just enjoys being the kind spirited soul that he is. He swims almost everyday, but needs help out of the pool. He knows not to swim when the Mercury is low like it is currently.

Last night, Paws came out of his closet, wandered into the family room, where I sat on my recliner watching a 48 Hour Mystery, looked at the couch where LJ usually sits and knits while she watches whatever is on TV, he turned and started towards his closet when he suddenly stopped, stooped and peed! He's done this twice now when he looks for LJ and she's not around. Evidently he get frustrated that she's out and rebels by literally getting pissed! After, there is no ceremony, he just goes back to his little dog cave, the closet.

Last night the Lovely Jules went out with a girlfriend. I stayed home and chatted with ladies online and otherwise filled the evening with various things. I read until about 2 AM and dozed off. At about 3 AM, worried that LJ still wasn't home, I exited my room, saw the lights were still on in the family room, turned, stooped and peed on the floor and went back to bed!


Cheryl said...

I love it when I read something that makes me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT was Funny Mel!!!
Deb from Indiana