Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Dating Scene and Me...

My membership on is about to expire, about the same time I feel my inclinations about dating have, so it's perfect timing. I'm not sure if they push your profile as you come to the end of your time or if the Gods have looked down upon my unfavorably, but it seems I've attracted the bottom of the barrel. Either the ugly or the obese or the worn out, but they're coming my way. One lady whose screen name is Rubbish. How in the HELL do you chose a name like that, really? She wrote to me tonight that every time she feels like cheering herself up, she re-reads my profile and laughs like a hyena. She went on to tell me how she snorts through her nose, but I'm feeling a little nauseated tonight, so I won't continue. Not a pretty girl :( Right before Valentine's Day, I was bombarded with interested counterparts that seemed to fade away with the holiday. Others wrote and called and when I returned the calls and left messages, they never returned my calls back. Either way with about 10 to chose from, they all disappeared. One in particular insisted on making a date with me for the day after Valentine's Day, Tuesday. She was from Brooklyn, NY and sounded like someone that got here perhaps yesterday, full New York accent. It had been 4 days since our 2 hour conversation, when she had told me of the 3 men that gave her diamond rings recently. I suggested we sell them, but she continued to talk about herself. I texted her on Tuesday afternoon to confirm that she was still going to meet me at 5:30 and her reply was, "Who is this"? I guessed she wasn't coming! I still belong to the free ones like "Plenty of Fish" (home of the misspelled word), but seldom look there.

The Lovely Jules and I have settled into a pattern. I'm still waiting for the dust to settle around here. My moving mess still is prevailing in the garage, where I have commandeered the entire 3rd car position for my boxes of........"stuff". We've agreed to move the things I have in storage to that garage, since there doesn't seem that there will ever be a chance to put a car in there. In fact yesterday I placed an ad in AutoTrader for the SUPERCHARGED Buick Regal GS, that I've been saving for 8 plus years, but it seems that I'll never get around to enjoying it. Hell, the first time the Red 85 Corvette got driven in over a year was on the way over here!

My friend Barry in Florida asked me how LJ and I were getting along. Here was my reply:

You know the feeling when you tell your wife of 20 years that you want a divorce and you're moving out, but you can't move out for awhile?

He said, "Yeah, that's horrible and COLD.

I said, "That's the feeling"!

No, I'm only kidding, but anyone that thinks that friends can just move in together and everything will fall into place, may be mistaken. Like anything else, it takes a little "fine tuning"...

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