Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh My Beloved Medicare...

As I sit here today, a mere 6 days before Medicare, I come to you appreciative. My last known health insurance payment was $800 a month for limited coverage after going a full year sans insurance because of extreme cost with limited benefits. Starting 6 days from now I'll have all of the benefits of the luxury insured for a mere $110 a month. A mere pittance compared to some costs. At some point with Cigna, I was getting poor coverage with discount doctors for $1300 a month when tragedy struck almost minutes after reducing my premium by $300 a month to a 80/20 program. That cost almost crippled me financially but I prevailed. Dumped my expensive money pit of a house and rented a small version of reality. That was a year ago and now I find myself residing in the unused portion of a friend's house that's also suffering from our labored economy. Let me not drift away from my topic though. GOD BLESS MEDICARE!

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