Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Automobile Update...

It's not like I'm not used to it. People giving you the impression that they're going to buy a car from you, then disappear into thin air, but not at this rate. It seems that the car that wouldn't leave the house is still at the house! I had 2 different sets of people commit to buying it, yet here it is. On good faith yesterday, I took the car that wouldn't leave the house, to the mechanic's place and spent an entire afternoon and about $150 getting the poor thing to not make the little noise it was making, that seemed to scare buyers away. It was the tensioner that was feeling rather tense and complaining ever so softly, sounding like a potential problem. So that and a new belt quieted her right down. As she was purring her way home, my phone rang and it was buyer number 1, calling to tell me that the credit union declined their loan (big surprise) Would YOU want to loan someone $4300 for a 14 year old car? Me neither.

So I went home with my new quiet car and waited for the chubby girl that promised me that she wanted it, to drop by with a deposit. By any chance did she go to your house, because she sure as hell didn't come here! I didn't even bother to call her and put her on the spot, what for? Today, not a single call pertaining to the old car, until about 5:30 when Chubs called and asked if I still had it. That she "for sure" wants it, but can't get a ride over to give me the deposit money. I suddenly became very quiet, polite and serious. After all, when someone wants to give me money these days, that's not only serious business, but very uncommon. She said she'd be over either today or tomorrow with the dough. Well, today's over, I guess it's tomorrow! I'm glad I'm retired.

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