Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strange Week

After a week of jumping through medical hoops, drawing blood, going for imaging and dealing with pharmaceutical needs, today was a relief to awaken and realize it was Saturday. After all of the crap I accomplished at everyone else's desire, i.e. transferring urine to a more suitable container, not breathing during imaging when breathing is exactly what we live for and arriving on time to fit the schedule that appeals to everyone but me! The whole thing was pretty anticlimactic.

Arriving home after my bout with the Hooter's Girls, I received a phone call from a doctor from the same office Dr. Harvey works out of. Only this doctor sounded like a 12 year old girl. How do you take a doctor seriously when I respond to her using the name "Sweetie". I couldn't help it, it just popped right out of my mouth. She wanted me to submit to additional tests because she found that with the results of my test, I had a disease that causes urine to not drain from my kidneys. Here's the problem. She's NOT my doctor that I've been dealing with for 6 years working out of the same office. Plus, it was discovered that I had that disease 6 years ago and there is no reason to address it, other than financial. I said I'd discuss it with Dr. Harvey and she said, "He's on vacation. Well, I don't really know he's on vacation, but he's not in the office". My immediate thought was that I'd spoken with him a day earlier and he never mentioned a vacation, but to call him the next day. When the 12 year old hung up, I pictured her skipping away from the phone wearing a Girl Scout uniform, but that's just me...

LJ went away this weekend, to visit her son in Yuma. She told me that the last time she went, about 3 weeks ago, it cost her about $140 just for gasoline. My Corolla gets at least twice the gas mileage of her truck, so I offered for her to use my car, which she quickly accepted. She had some errands to run yesterday (Friday) and she asked if she could use it to fill up the tank. Naturally, I said yes. That left her truck here for me to use. Since I had the use of her truck, I figured I'd go to my storage unit to see if there was anything there that I wanted to take home for the big spring neighborhood garage sale, in a couple of weeks, like the electric bread maker that I bought for wife number 3, that she never used or wanted.

As I opened the big overhead door, I was taken aback. There was broken glass everywhere. What happened? Was there an accident in here. I looked immediately for skid marks, but nothing. How does an accident occur inside of a locked storage unit? This was a job for Sherlock Fisher! First I checked all of my glass tops and they were intact. Then the culprit exposed himself. I had stacked boxes on top of one another and one of the boxes gave out, causing the box on top of it to come tumbling down upon a lamp that had a glass shelf on it. I don't even know where it came from. Must have been left over from some wife, that didn't think enough of it to take it along. I no longer have it, but just the mess of broken glass that it left! Mystery solved, but guess what you never seem to have at a storage locker? A broom! So the broken glass will no doubt be there for a long time to come.

I went to the pharmacy this week to pick up my prescriptions. I need them to stay alive, it seems. Since becoming Medicare age, my primary insurance has declared me a Medicare recipient and declined paying for my any of my scripts. My Medicare card for prescriptions has not yet arrived, so they asked ME to pay for everything. One of my monthly prescriptions is $167 alone and that's for a 30 day supply. I left empty handed. All of this will eventually get worked out, but will I last that long?

Summing up, for the weekend I've got a truck that gets about 15 miles to the gallon and a $5 dog to supervise..... Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

A rough week!! Must be the Full Moon.

xo Sherry