Monday, March 28, 2011

Corvettes and Volvo Convertibles...

Of all of the cars I've bought and sold over the years and there have literally been thousands, the Corvettes have always been my favorites. First, the cars are really cool and signify America's truest attempt at sports car creativity. But it's the people that drive them and want them that fascinate me. They are the elitist of the elite, in their own estimation and the surest way to ensure a Corvette sale is to ask if they feel comfortable driving a really cool car like that, as they are certainly NOT for everyone. I tried that once when I first started playing with cars at Holiday Olds in downtown Scottsdale in the 70's. This typical geek came in to look at the Corvette we had for sale. He himmed and hawed and couldn't make up his mind. I tried the intimidation line on him and said, "You know, Corvettes aren't really for everyone, do you feel comfortable representing the type of person that drives a Corvette?" He puffed out his chest and asked, where he has to sign to get it?

Another unusual customer came to see a red Corvette I had for sale. This car was really nice and this was my first customer of the weekend. He was a cool guy with his girlfriend along for the ride. They took it for a ride and came back saying, something or the other was wrong with it, but wanted to make me an offer. I asked what the offer was and he told me. He was standing, along with his girl, in the driveway and I was in the garage near the button that closes the garage. I replied that his offer wasn't going to get it, but thanks for coming out. With that I started closing the garage door. As the door got closer and closer to the ground, he was kneeling to yell underneath it, "HOW MUCH THEN? The door closed and he ran to my front door and rang the bell. When I opened it, he just said, "I'll take it"!

Another of my favorites was a 2001 Volvo silver C70 turbo convertible. I owned it about 3 years ago. I kept it for about 6 months in total and when I finally let it go for sale, it had the good fortune to make me some pretty serious money. There are few of them around and available. This is the 5 cylinder turbo model.

So today I was hanging around the homestead, getting ready for the big garage sale this weekend, when my phone rang. It was Ron, an old friend of mine that used to sell me cars before I completely retired. We talked for awhile and he asked me if I'm interested in going back to work. Why, I asked? He said he had a 2000 Volvo C70 silver convertible and he told me how much it was. I just blurted out, I'll take it! It only has 90,000 miles on it and that's low for an 11 year old car. I pick it up tomorrow. I think I just went back to work!

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Jamie said...

Love Love Love the garage door story. :)