Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Nail in my Coffin...

I got a phone call from Chase Bank again on Friday. It was from the same lady that I'd spoken to the third or fourth time I tried to get my dentist issue resolved. Here's what I attempted to do. I contacted the governing agency that governs over Chase Bank in hopes that someone of authority might come to my rescue and see the injustice that is taking place.

I refer to the $3500 that Chase Bank insists that I owe them to cover the amount they forwarded to Ralph Lloyd Juriansz in payment for a fraudulent dental diagnosis. He prescribed a dental plan for me, then skipped out with my money and really did poor work where he even did work. All of the teeth that he worked on, now need to be removed and replaced with false teeth, that by the way I'm avoiding by doing nothing. But nothing won't last long and eventually I'll lose all the teeth in question. Not what I had in mind when I handed over $3500 to this crook.

So when the crooked dentist skipped out, Chase reversed their decision and determined that I still owed the dough, but they did waive the interest which to me represents acknowledgement of guilt. Why would a bank forgo interest unless they thought I was right?

So I contact the governing agency, which by the way again, was not an easy task. No one wanted to claim ownership or responsibility for Chase. Finally after weeks of researching it, I found the correct party and sent a long typed letter, going into detail of the atrocity. What do you suppose they do after 3 weeks? They forward my letter to the same woman that I'd already spoken to, to resolve my issue. This woman, whose first name is Jessica, has strict instructions from her higher ups, to get rid of me. To do whatever it takes, short of waiving the owed amount to quiet me down. I called finally on Tuesday and our conversation goes something like this. First I ask her NOT to interrupt me while I'm speaking, because she likes to do that and let me at least finish my story. She says nothing, so I begin. At some point she blurts out that there was nothing saying the work done was inadequate by the replacement dentist I went to after the first one abandoned me. I asked her if she actually read the second dentist's letter that I had supplied to her. she said, yes. Then, as she was really reading it, she said he does say that the work performed by the previous dentist constituted malpractice BUT, he doesn't say how much it would cost to rectify it, which is what Chase uses for guidelines. I stop her and ask, "If I get a letter stating what it will cost to correct the errors, will you side in my favor?" NO, she says! I ask what I have to provide or do, to get their decision reversed and there was a long pause.............. Nothing she said, nothing will reverse our decision! She suggested I get an outside council to look at the case. I know from experience that that will cost a fortune and lawyers don't accept this type of case on a contingency. I then asked why we were having this discussion and she said she didn't know, but she has to resolve problem from unhappy customers. I hung up but might just do the entire thing again, but next time not answer her phone calls, so I'll just keep hanging on her books like the toothless parasite I represent to them... They were only the rear teeth that I would have used for chewing. I really didn't need them. Like hell!!!!

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