Monday, March 7, 2011

It Took 6 Months but......

Was it a miracle? Did the stars line up, finally in the correct pattern? Did the deteriorating ozone eventually influence the mindset of mammals in the northern hemisphere? Today was a day to remember. A first class day!

First, when I awakened from an extended sleep this morning (10 AM), my phone showed 3 messages in voicemail. One from a friend that had me over for dinner last night and another from a perspective buyer of the "car that wouldn't leave the house" and thirdly from a lady that looked at said car and wanted to buy it! Yes, she and her husband want the Buick with the supercharged engine. But............they have to get a loan for the full amount from a third party, known as the credit union. My experience with credit unions declares that they really HATE loaning money on 14 year old cars and said buyer better have credit like GOLD!

It was about 4 PM, as I waited for a lady to show up that had called on Sunday afternoon and emailed last night. She worked at the ME (Medical Examiner's) office here in Phoenix and I was dying to ask her if her name was Kay Scapetta, but I digress. I walked across to the mailbox and grabbed the mail. As usual, a lot of stuff for LJ, a few things for her ex-husband, more things from people that once lived here and one lonely piece of mail for yours truly. It was an envelope from my arch enemy, Chase Bank. I even commented to LJ that Chase was doing their usual dance that they are required to do after showing me "no mercy" on the Ralph Lloyd Juriansz crooked dentist fiasco. Merely as a courtesy, did I even open the letter to read about how they were not going to resolve this issue in my favor.

The first paragraph was the typical opening thanking me for my phone call on March 1, 2011. Reading down it explained that they were changing their decision and crediting me back the $3500 since I supplied to them the necessary criteria, indicating that I was truly left at a disadvantage from the crooked dentist! I looked up and said to Julie, "I have to read this again", and I this time read it aloud to her. She looked at me and asked, "does that mean they're agreeing with you"? Yes, I think so!!! Suddenly I wished I either drank or smoked pot for some reason, because a celebration was surely in order.

Only God and the people involved in the conversation that occurred after I hung up will ever know how that happened, because there was no reason for me to think I'd done anything but piss everyone off when I ended our conversation on March 1st. Could it be that someone read my blog and came to my much needed rescue? Stranger things have happened.

You may not realize the impact that blogging has on certain things, but each time I bashed Qwest, I got immediate results. When I switched away from Cox, Cox contacted me from my blog. Every time I write out the name Ralph Lloyd Juriansz, the crooked dentist, perspective people that want to check out a new dentist, read what I have to say on the subject and perhaps one fellow patient (victim) might avoid the wrath of RALPH LLOYD JURIANSZ <------- the crooked dentist! For now, my efforts must concentrate on finding a new dentist, one that I actually do my homework on and marvel at how the Gods have changed things in my direction. Thank you.

Oh, the second set of ladies want the Buick too and the first ones to bring the money here wins!


Anonymous said...

To anyone who reads this post.....DO NOT go to this crook. There are many, many complaints. He is inhuman in the mistakes he has made. There is NO possible way that these errors could have been an error. They were intentional! He is a very sick person. Run away!

Things I Left Behind said...

To the anonymous writer who posted that comment:
Alas I've found another victim of the horrible Ralph Lloyd Juriansz DDS. If you'd like to share your experience with me, please do so at