Friday, May 13, 2011


56 year old Cow girl

Howdy Guys, Before I get started on my description, I want you to understand. MEN PLEASE, have a Recent photo posted! Do you know how disappointing it is to email an attractive man, you first see, in a photo, & get sent a recent photo & suddenly he's aged 10 yr's & is now old & ugly? The gal was attracted to to younger photo of you, & it isn't fair to her. You should be retired, or at least have a flexible schedule, for meeting & dating. Working is ok but If your life doesn't have time for dating because of being over worked or other reasons or you don't have time to give the lady proper attention, don't bother. I am looking to spend time with & have fun with a nice guy. If you don't want to meet & date, don't ask. Let's go 2 steppin. If your not a country gent & not decent looking, don't bother. There is a large line between a country gent & a hillbillie, someone that have photo's taken of himself in no shirt & shorts holding a rifle standing in front of a trailer park, & it would help if he has a good education. if not, Not interested. Saves time. Due to the misconception of what I'm looking for, I have to change it a bit, on here. I guess you would say I'm a fun loving gal who just has a normal income & was born in Tx. I love the WESTERN LIFESTYLE, rodeo's & all western events, horseback riding, c/music going out dancing with that cowboy CUTIE. I don't mind occasional traveling. I'm looking for a good looking cowboy or good looking country gent with a good sense of humor & one who loves the western lifestyle. If there is any on this site. ? What I mean by western lifestyle is one who has lived on or worked on a ranch, one who has been in rodeo's or just enjoys going to one, one who know about horses or just likes to ride them. If he even just loves the western lifestyle & dresses like it too, that is a plus. Meeting for the first time dressing in a Hawaian shirt, knee high pant's, & tennies, is such a turn off. I wouldn't suggest it. It would be nice if he could dance as well. (dancing is not a requirement) I like dark headed men, graying is ok, or any combination. Heck if you have hair, that will I don't tolerate drugs, & excessive drinking but social drinking is ok. If you can't or won't put a pic on then don't bother. I need to see who I'm talking to. That means a resent photo, not one that is 5 yr's old. Looks change a lot within 5 yr's so make them current. Well that's about it guys. If you want to know more bout me, then contact me. ttyl Destany

Her profile pretty much tells it all.

Here's the email I had to send to this sweetheart:

Dear Destany:

Do you have any older pictures where you might appear a little younger? Thanks...

PS. You spelled Destiny wrong!

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Jamie said...

LOLOLOL! I love the smartass in you. Happy WEEKEND!