Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farewell to the $5 Dog...

This picture was taken in January of 09, shortly after having to put down my best friend, Bogie. It's a picture of Zoie, my female Great Dane with Pawpaw the $5 dog. Zoie was lonely after losing her life partner, Bogie and Pawpaw was more than interested in this tall, slim, female, but not willing to court her first. Oh well, Pawpaw remained a good friend anyway.

Today we said goodbye to the $5 dog, sadly. I must say he fought up to the very end. He snapped and growled twice as the vet delivered the lethal injection. He wasn't going to go easily. He was ready though. He had miraculously made it to 20 years of age. Even the vet remarked that he had lead a long life.

LJ came to me yesterday and asked that I handle the preparations, as she just couldn't get herself to do it. I completely understood as she was gracious enough to handle the same for me when it was Bogie's turn.

Somehow I was mistaken for this emotionally strong person that can do this sort of thing, but I shed more than one tear privately, in accomplishing this request. The vet arrived right on time and was very professional and dignified the event. LJ sat with him and said her goodbyes while comforting Pawpaw, as he quietly went off to sleep. Then LJ went out to be alone while the vet carried him off and she said her private goodbyes. Pawpaw will surely be missed.

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Jamie said...

Oh how I feel for you and Jules. You are wonderful to take care of this for her, and no surprise here that it hurt your heart, too. Hugs to you both and please tell Jules XO from me.