Sunday, May 15, 2011

DirecTV Sucks?

It appears that last May I made the decision of Direct TV over Dish Network based on too little information. Not being fully informed ultimately was detrimental to my well being. Here it is 12 months later and I'm paying for that poor decision. I blamed Dish for hiring the jive turkey that answered the phone that day for turning me off. When their representative answered, he had an accent form a foreign land and laughed at me when I told him I was switching from Cox. Kind of like, you poor fool, let me have a chance at you now! That's all I had to hear to plunge the receiver down on that conversation. Next I phoned Direct TV that was answered by a polite lady that seemed like she wanted to help me. (A wolfess in sheep's clothing). I endured a lot of talking and numbers and really all I was interested in was the bottom line and that seemed to be $29.95 a month. I said I'll take it. Evidently that signed me up for a 24 month contract. The installer was less than helpful and when he left I had to reinstall the equipment over again with the assistance of the tech on the phone. The installer just about insisted on putting the dish where he found it easiest, even though I would have been in violation of the HOA rules. He finally did it the way I required and stamped out without saying even a goodbye I'm done, but did leave a humongous mess outside. Immediately after getting Direct TV installed, I looked for my favorite channel, MSNBC. It wasn't available on my limited package so I had to increase it to now cost $41.56 per month. Got all that?

Fast forward to the present. In January I decided to end my lease at the old location due to an evil HOA and landlord from hell. I gladly moved to my present location. When I tried to cancel Direct TV, I was reminded of a 2 year contract I evidently signed and they wanted $300 to ignore. I decided that since I was going to be paying for it anyway, I might as well let them install it for free at the new local. That happened and once again the installation was shoddy. Now at this location we have Direct TV and Dish Network and Dish Network beats the pants off of Direct TV. Direct TV sits all alone in a third bedroom lonely and abandoned. I go in there about once a month to watch a TV show that might not be on with Dish Network.

Friday I got my bill and it was for about $60 to keep that TV running. Naturally I called and was informed that my first year is up and I am no longer within the (now get this) discount period of one year and the regular price is $60 a month. Exasperated, I explain to the lady that I don't even watch the damned thing and only pay it so I honor my contract that I never knew I was even getting into. She puts me on hold while I burn away precious fixed income minutes on my cell phone. I ask her to call me back when she's accomplished whatever it is that she's trying to do, but she says she's not allowed to, that it will only take a few more minutes. I explained that for $60 a month, I'd prefer to forget about Direct TV and just walk away from their alleged agreement. Again, I was asked to hold. About 15 minutes had now passed and I explained that it was not my rule that I remain on hold while she talks to her supervisor and I was saying goodbye! She said something, but I no longer cared and hung up.

About 5 minutes later, I received a revised statement by email and opened it and it said I now owed $21.67 and I happily paid it. Yesterday, I went into bedroom number 3 and turned on Direct TV and found that it was all disconnected. So evidently I'm now paying $21.67 a month for not having any TV. Direct TV SUCKS! What would you do?


Alison said...

Yikes, sounds like quite the hassle you're going through with DirecTV! I've been in a similar situation like that with them and just cancelled the services completely, cancelation fee and all. So glad I did, so I don't have to deal with them anymore. I went over to work and subscribe with DISH Network and am soo happy in my decision and totally agree with you in DISH Network beating the pants off of DirecTV. I love that I have more HD channels and true TV Everywhere with the Sling Adapter! If you haven't heard about it yet, if you purchase a Sling Adapter through DISH, you can get a $99 prepaid gift card back so it's practically free! I have one and love it! Check it out :)

Bryon said...

Alison, sounds like you have her best interests at heart but what I’m especially sorry to hear is that she was greeted by a rude DISH Network person. I hate when I get rude people on the phone and honestly it turns me off too. Although I already have a DISH employee account I too wanted to make sure I was paying as little as possible for my TV because honestly I don’t have any money to waste. When I started looking around on the internet I was surprised to find on a website called that someone else had the same idea and did the research already. I am actually paying less for my fees already with my DISH service which was a huge relief. I sure hope you get your problem fixed but I would say starting from scratch is the easiest thing to do.