Monday, May 23, 2011

Living a My Space Life in a Facebook World...

Tomorrow I go under the knife in a limited sort of fashion. I need to have a procedure where they enter through my bladder and take pictures of my ureters and kidneys after shooting some nondescript dye into the whole mix. Since I don't come equipped with an easy access bladder, I need to be asleep for the process. I try not to think of the path that they will take to enter my bladder.

And who are these people that wish to do all of this? My candid opinion is that they represent a bunch of ego maniacs that are called doctors. Some are worse than others and they entire bunch aren't worth the prices they received from the system that put them in charge. For example: I am referred to a urologist by my nephrologist (kidney doctor). I attend my appointment with him (Kevin Spacey) and am perfectly on time. My test results are not sent along, so the entire appointment was a waste, but he still charged me a small fortune for his staff's inadequate performance and rescheduled me for a second appointment 3 weeks later. I sit there for about 90 minutes getting madder and madder when he finally walks in, read me my test results and schedules this procedure. Only his girl never calls me back, so the procedure doesn't get scheduled. I finally call the third or fourth time and she does return my call but is not really smart enough to do her job. She schedules this procedure for June 9th, but tells me that I need to have a follow-up appointment with the doctor because my appointment is not within 30 days of my last appointment and that breaks company policy. Got all that?

I ask how I can have a follow-up appointment before I ever have the procedure, when I realize she doesn't know what "follow up" even means. Now I'm frustrated because that will be yet another appointment and frankly, no one knows why I'm even going through all of this. Supposedly it's to see if the reason that my blood pressure runs so high is because of a possible blockage in my kidneys. I asked the urologist if that's what's going on and his reply was "I donno", and just like that too. He asked me why I didn't put my social security number on the application and I told him the truth, that I hate to include that anywhere that is not directly related to the government, so my identity is not so easily stolen. At that point he reads me my social security number, to show me he got it anyway and preceded to print it on all of my paperwork that is distributed everywhere. So much for my secret, huh? So it appears that my doctor has an ego problem. Suddenly, the scheduler says she can fit me in tomorrow at 3 PM. I tell her I'll take it. Later they call and reschedule that for 2 PM and I accept the additional hour too.

Now why am I having problems with my kidneys, you ask? Well, because 6 years ago, an ego maniacal emergency room doctor decided to do an angiogram on my and accidentally poked a hole through my descending artery of my heart. I was rushed to another hospital for open heart surgery where someone goofed again and my kidneys failed. and that's why I don't like going to the doctor!

Wish me LUCK!

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Jamie said...

I DO wish you luck. Keep us posted, okay?

Hugs, friend. :)