Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arizona, Love it or Leave it...

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I love every part of it. I love the dust devils, the monsoons, the 115 degree temperatures and I love the traffic we now have due to natural population burst. What I don't like, are people that come here and find flaws that originate from their own insecurities.

When I first moved here, some 35 years ago, this was quite a different place. I recall having been in town about 3 days when a buddy that helped me move from Chicago and I, walked into a Little Black Sambo's, a coffee shop chain that somehow disappeared, (can't imagine why) and sat down at the coffee bar. Eventually they changed the chain's name to Sambo's, then it disappeared. Sitting at the coffee bar was a cowboy, a hippy, a business man and his buddy, a guy that may have been Paul Revere and a genuine Indian. Not the kind from India, you know, the American Indians. My point is the diversity of our population here and the time when everyone expressed themselves and was accepted for who they were.

Personally, I've never been fond of people from the East coast. Particularly New York. They're never satisfied, always complaining about some damned thing or another and I wish most of them, but not all, would just leave if they find it too unpleasant here. When you're in traffic and someone is honking their horn, chances are, they're from New York. If someone is loudly complaining about having to wait too long for a table in a busy restaurant, chances are, they're from New York. If there is an unexpected delay on an airplane before take off and the person sitting next to you is going to write a letter to the airline, guess where they're from? Wrong, New Jersey!

This brings me to the topic of today piece. I was minding my own business today when an email alerted me to the fact that NewYorkLady was interested in me, so I read her profile and through the magic of "cut and paste", I present it to you:

"Born in NYC and grew up in Connecticut. I am now in Phoenix for the last several years and it doesn't hold much excitement nor promise. I miss the excitement of the East Coast, the physical beauty of the land, the beaches, and the style of the people. I am disappointed that you can go to a nice restaurant on a Sat. nite and there will be rusted pickup trucks parked outside and shorts and baseball caps inside, 24/7! Looking for someone to talk to who is not straight off of the farm! I am not a snob and I appreciate the simple things in life, but there is a limit of being a bit too simple!" End of quote.

Now is it just me or do want to put her on the first Greyhound back to NYC? Do you think she got stuck in the ghetto and doesn't realize it? Does she really think these $40,000 pick up trucks get rusted out here? Do you think that her profile on is the bandstand to voice opinions to an audience that similar to me, LOVE it here? I don't claim to be the smartest man in the world, but isn't the idea to present yourself in a good light, to appeal to the vast majority of the opposite sex? I feel compelled to tell her that she is wrong, but I liken that to telling a Republican they should have voted form Obama!

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