Monday, April 12, 2010

As the World Turns....My Own Soap Opera.

Jogging Accident
Today's picture was presented to me from a woman that wanted to see if I'd read her profile and see if there was anything we had in common. When I compare this to the woman that was hit by a truck, it's not quite as violent, but come on ladies.... Do they really think this photo is going to bring a man calling?

Another disastrous weekend, I'm afraid. I was communicating with a tall blond lady, that claimed to be of Jewish descent with blue eyes to boot. I was getting a Jewess with the German look, that actually I'm quite fond of. Here was the problem. She emailed me with a curse word along with her phone number on Thursday night. On Friday morning she apologized for cursing, as she is not only a college professor, but one with a PHD. She claim to have been under the influence of wine. No problem. I called her on Friday afternoon, responding to her email that said, "Shouldn't the next step be meeting"? She explained that she doesn't like to talk on the phone, but will meet me at some predisposed time and location. I said, tonight at Ssuch n Such's. She said she was busy tonight but Sunday is open. I said, fine. Sunday at 4 PM at Such n Such's. It's a date.

Saturday afternoon I got an email saying she was free tonight if I wanted to meet her then, but wanted to go to a couple of trendy places in Keirland Commons. In other words, the place I chose wasn't good enough. It was a fine choice, I thought. I replied that I was busy on Saturday night, but would still love to meet her as arranged on Sunday. (Observe, no phone calls, all emails) Sunday around 2 PM, she emails me yet again to cancel, due to a family dinner she forgot. During one of her emails, somehow her last name slipped out from the website and I googled her to find that her 54 years were really 62. Is this going to be a constant? DELETE!

I emailed a new lady last night and she immediately responded that we'd talked a few years ago and how have I been? Holy shit, I thought my mind was intact but hey, being 64 is just no fun. I did a search in my old memory files and came up with her. I now refer to my brain as a weak computer with not enough gigs. I remembered Lynn. She and I spoke at length and I had her laughing pretty good when suddenly she felt comfortable enough with me to give up some personal information that she only shares with close friends. That she is a former addict and was on Cocaine. I listened and judged and hung up, deciding that my life was complicated enough without introducing an addict to it. Oddly, that doesn't bother me anymore. I think that people are entitled to make mistakes and it's what they do to correct those mistakes that's important. That and the fact that she was photographed in a bikini online! We chatted until rather late last night.

Every weekend has to have a capper and the capper of my weekend was this. As my 2 readers know, I am a proud heterosexual. My entire 64 years, I've done everything in my power to prove that or at least to practice it. With all of the people that I have "been" with, 100% of them have been women and 0% have been men. Got that? Sunday night, the weekend before a class reunion, that I will NOT be attending, I get a message from a man on Facebook and it only has 5 letters in the entire email message. It said, and I quote, "R U GAY". It didn't even have a question mark after it. The person that it was from, was not a friend on Facebook, but rather a guy that went to my high school back in Skokie, Illinois. I do not know him. I cannot even put a face with the guy, even then, back in 1964. To me he is anonymous. He wasn't a Friend or an enemy, just a guy that I didn't know. I went to his Facebook page and looked him up, but there were no pictures at all. He is an attorney in Illinois and has a practice with his son and mentions a divorce. All I can assume is that he is gay and is looking for a date when he's here in Phoenix for the reunion. Can you imagine being gay and having used up all of the gay men in Illinois and being so desperate that he's now contacting straight men 2000 miles away... Now that's DESPERATE!


Jules said...

Well, you're not having much luck with the ladies as of late. Maybe you should try something else?

Anonymous said...

OK, let me get this are 64, the liar was what? I think you need to up the age and lower your expectations. And I'm going to my reunion next week in NC...alone! So looking forward to seeing those people whom I've not seen in over 40 years. You should go to yours too! I'll pick out your clothes though....XXOOXOX

Things I Left Behind said...

Wait just a moment! Your 40 year reunion is next week too. Then you're NOT 53!!! Or you graduated at 13?

Anonymous said...

Yes! But I look damn good for whatever I decide my age is today, huh? LOL!!! So why are you not going to your reunion? I'd love to could get catty....