Friday, April 30, 2010

Cox versus Qwest and Others

The almost end result of my changing entertainment suppliers is the following. I beefed and complained about Cox charging me $142 per month for their version of Telephone, Internet and TV. I replaced their telephone by increasing the minutes on my cell phone, resulting in a $20 increase monthly, but Cox was charging me $27 for the same amount of talk time. Qwest is going to charge me $35 for DSL service and let's assume there's a $5 charge for taxes and misc. Cox charged me $33 for that, costing me $2. Direct TV sold me a package of 150 channels, which is all I ever wanted to begin with for a total of $35 including 2 receivers, that Cox charged $13 for the receivers alone. My TV bill with Cox was $87 with all of their add-ons, but not including tax. Direct TV is giving me 3 months of Showtime for free and if I don't cancel it, they'll begin to charge me $13 for it, but I'm going to cancel it. Remember, Cox's bill was $142 and I'll now be paying $35 for Internet, $20 for telephone and $35 for TV. That's a total of $90 plus tax. I'm no genius, but I'm pretty sure I just saved at least $40 plus a month for the same thing! From this consumer's standpoint, Cox sucks!

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mike_dish said...

Sorry to hear about your high prices with Cox. Unfortunately, with DirecTV your introductory rate with DirecTV will increase by about $20 once the promotional period is over. If you're looking for the best price then I suggest checking out DISH Network. As a DISH employee I know that DISH offers lower prices than any other provider in the industry. You should compare the two and see for yourself.