Friday, April 16, 2010

Packing Heat in AZ!

Today, Governor Jan Brewer signed into law the concealed weapon law in Arizona, making us the third state in the country to lift the concealed weapon law, following Alaska and Vermont.

What a pleasure it will be to be able to hide our weapons, as opposed to having to maintain the old "clear view" law concerning guns. We'll also be allowed to forgo the old background check, making the purchase of a deadly weapon immediate to anyone over the age of 21. Now, when a relative picks you up, after completing your 7 year prison incarceration for armed robbery, you can stop at your local sporting goods store and pick up a fresh gun. What a relief!

Having lived here for over 35 years now, I was used to carrying a gun wherever I went, but was forced to keep my Colt 45 strapped to my hip, in "clear view". What a pleasure to finally retire my big clumsy Colt and wear my new mini-Glock 9 mm in my shoulder holster inside my jacket or shirt.

When I first moved here I thought it was quite the novelty to have a gun sitting next to me on the car seat, while I occasionally travelled in some of the not so great neighborhoods. In the early 80's, I was involved in the ownership of a bar and restaurant in beautiful Sedona. When we sold it, at the closing, I had my 32 automatic holstered in my briefcase. The new owner of the bar asked if the gun was part of the bar's inventory. I just looked at and explained that since I've been here in the "Wild West", I've just always carried a gun. But thinking back, in all of those years, I never shot anyone, so he's welcome to it and I just gave it to him. Since then, the only pistol that I own is a 25 mm Beretta, that is an excellent gun, but as effective as a starter's pistol. Frankly, my intention is not to kill anyone, maybe just scare theme away.

So thanks to Governor Brewer for putting we civilians on an equal level with the bad guys.

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