Monday, April 26, 2010

(Desert Weed 122)

Does this look like the picture of a woman that wants to meet someone? I thought not, but initially she had a picture posted that was a little revealing, so going from memory, I decided to write her a note of introduction. In her profile she seemed honest, legitimate, down to Earth and sweet. I wrote her that I thought that and got a swift reply. In her reply she said that my profile didn't reveal very much and thought she'd like to get to know me better. I explained that I offered a clever entertaining profile never mentioned even once a prison stay or any incarceration aside from a former marriage. Honestly, I get at least one or two emails a day commending me on my humorous description of life. So I explained to the not so young lady that a detailed profile is just a playground for a liar and that it doesn't really matter what they say, as compared to the honesty behind the profile.

Her replying email said, "Send me your phone number, let's talk". I graciously replied with my telephone number and to call anytime. About 3 days went by and no call came from my suspicious friend. Then I got an email from her saying that she tried calling just now, but my phone will not accept blocked calls. Do I have any suggestions? This was my reply:

I've never accepted blocked calls. If someone doesn't want me to know who they are, I don't want to speak with them. If you'd like, I'll give you my full name for background checks. My credit score was 825 for the past 18 years and my full name is Mel Fisher at (ADDRESS)I hold a valid AZ business license and am bonded. Never been arrested and my last moving violation was about 15 years ago, going to Greer. 80 in a 65. Sometimes you just have to take a chance!

She replied promptly for the first time and said I was HOSTILE! What do you think?


Jamie said...

The trials and tribs of online dating are simply fascinating. I must be such a bumpkin that I would not even begin to think of all the measures that women put in place to protect themselves..or their identity or whatever. It does make me wonder, what are they so afraid of? How DO you date or get to know someone with all the mystery and secrecy...

I suppose they have already been burned a time or two. Or, they think waaaay too highly of themselves. Maybe both.

Either way..thanks for sharing. Good luck. Surely the "right" one will come knocking soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Jamie, the right one came and went! Twice! LOL... and p.s: I like her picture, she is cute! And I think you should email her again. You've got some good points, Mel, but sometimes the ones that are feisty at first are worth the aggavation!NMS