Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alive and Oh Well...

(You do realize that it's the sun that is making me look bald, right, RIGHT?)

Alive, but not so well is my answer to the handful of readers that inquired as to why I haven't been writing. Don't become alarmed, it's nothing serious. Just the tooth that flared up in Chicago around last October, did another thing to me and may actually have to be addressed. I can picture MJ saying, "you mean to say that you STILL haven't been to the dentist"? No, I STILL haven't been to the dentist. I saw a friend who was a dentist in Chicago and he said the tooth is fractured and needs to be "extracted". Now there's a word that strikes fear into most people. It kind of reminds me of the guy on the news that just amputated his own arm, to free himself from a furnace that had him captured. Although he realized he had gangrene and needed to do something to save his life, I CANNOT get myself to call a dentist and tell him I want to turn in my renegade tooth. It's fine when it's not hurting, indicating it's become inflamed again. Looks and feels like any other tooth, but has this secret fracture that allows it to get mean every once in a while.

So the renegade tooth kept me up last night and finally after 2 Benedryls, 3 Advils for tooth pain and 2 tranquilizers that some doctor gave me 5 years ago, I drifted off to slumber around 4 AM. I awakened around 11:30 this morning, when most of the world had been up for half a day.

Another thing that kept me up was a mean mosquito bite. Did you ever get one on the front of your lower shin? After forgetting to turn off the spicket, my old hose just couldn't take it anymore and finally just gave up, shooting a stream of water into the sky similar to the big fountain in Fountain Hills, AZ. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to see this amazing fountain, it's truly a sight to see. So, there's this geyser shooting into the sky yesterday morning, so a trip to Home Depot was definitely in order. For $1.99, I was able to repair the leaking hose to where it only drips now, instead of "flowing". (A word I learned to dread as a male). Now the only place to repair a leaking hose is outside, where the hose lives, so I was victim to the meanest mosquito in captivity. Now I'm hoping I don't get the West Nile virus and of course I'm wondering if there is an East Nile virus that's available too. How do they keep them segregated? I suspect they have a mosquito law called the SB1070 for Nile Mosquitoes, to keep everything in check! They were talking about building a mosquito wall to keep the East Nile mosquitoes from crossing over, but never finished it.

So I've got this horrible mosquito bite on my shin and am trying my very best not to scratch it. After my shower however, without giving it any thought, I wiped the mosquito assaulted shin and accidentally soothed the itching for about 1/10th of a second, only for it to itch even worse after.

What's that? You say, what ever happened to my dating life? Well, I've met a plethora of women and one after another, nothing clicked. Most lie about their ages or use antiquated pictures and being a person that has a hard time not showing disappointment on my face, my frown gives away my true feelings and I make an early exit. Last Sunday, a friend took some pictures of me and I took the liberty of sending a few to a lady that lives in Tucson. She wrote me that she wanted to meet me in Casa Grande on Thursday or Friday, before she goes away for a wedding on the East coast. After sending the pictures, I never heard from her again! Oh well.

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