Saturday, June 19, 2010

Costco Wins AGAIN...

Dr. Harvey came through like a champ, here's what happened. As you may or may not know, I've been remiss about addressing my ailing tooth. Yesterday, sort of late, MJ delivered with the phone number of her dentist that I have every intention of using, but being Saturday, hmm..... Forgetting to put my phone on silent last night, I was awakened by an East coast friend's Facebook posting, followed up by an email from MJ at 6:03 AM on a Saturday. What is she doing up at this hour, organizing things on her paper route? I couldn't help but notice the pounding pain in my left front face. Ah, my tooth is up early today. I took 3 ibuprofen and tried to sleep again, I was successful until 11:30, yikes! The throbbing tooth a constant reminder of it's presence. I considered my chances for relief. Dentists I'm sure, are not welcoming of new patients showing up on Saturday afternoon needing immediate help. Add that to, I'm truly a baby, when it comes to my teeth. Suddenly, out of nowhere, almost like a premonition, I pictured Dr. Harvey portrayed in a cloud, playing a harp, saying I'll help you.... I did a quick assessment of the evaluation of imposing on a kidney specialist for a toothache and quickly dispersed with the thought.. ...but he kept coming back saying, Try me.... So I called him on his cell phone, that by now I'm certain he's sorry he ever gave me access to. Naturally it went right to voicemail and I left a begging, pleading message and asked for him to return my humble call within a few hours, if at all possible.

Hours went by and no response. Suddenly there was a voicemail from him, to call as soon as possible. I did. He asked me what I wanted and I knew it was time to say the right thing. I started with, I hope it's not unethical of me to ask, but could you prescribe an antibiotic for my poor tooth. He asked all the right questions and did I have fever or chills and if I developed any, to go to the ER pronto. Then he asked an amazing question, "What is the number of your pharmacy"? HOORAY!!! Success...

Here is another bit of wisdom. I knew I had to go to Costco for my prescription, because when I was in Chicago and tried the same exact thing, I was forced to go to Walgreen's. Walgreen's said they would not accept my insurance, that my insurance is only good in Arizona. I replied, "Naturally, why would I possibly think otherwise"? She went ahead and charged me $54 for the Z-pak. A Z-pak has 6 pills in it. You take 2 the first day and one the following 4 days, period. $54! $13 per pill, right?

I walk into Costco, pick up the batteries I'd forgotten yesterday and casually walked over to the pharmacy counter. I told her my name and she asked if I knew my address, DUH? She hands me my prescription that is going to render me pain free in a few days and announces, that will be $8.72...................... WTF???? Did I hear her correctly? Eight dollars and seventy two cents? I reiterated that she had the right prescription and not my blood pressure medication. She confirmed the drug and my address. Dazed, I left... If I ever go anywhere else for pharmaceutical needs, it better be because I'm drowning and Walgreen's has the only life jacket!

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