Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot and Sunny...

I just checked the temperature and it says on my computer that it's 109 degrees. I checked the weather expectations for today and it said 113. Humph... Not as hot as it sometimes gets around here, but toasty. No need for a sweater today, for certain. I advertised that my Expedition had the coldest air in all of AZ, and to be sure to bring a sweater for the test drive. Maybe that's what sold it? Here's how hot it is, currently. Turn your hair dryer on high and place it in front of your face and see how long you can just keep it there. That's how it feels to drive without AC and the windows down.

It was August of 1974, when we first landed here in AZ. It was me, my older son Stuart and my wife, Barb. Brad was too young for this camping trip and he stayed in Chicago under the care of his Gramma Mary. He was a bout 15 months old. We searched around the Chandler area for a house, thinking that Chandler was a suburb of Phoenix. That's how it was in Chicago, why should AZ be different? When we first stepped out of the realtor's Mercury Marquis, I felt almost dizzy adjusting to the extreme temperature. Our Realtor explained that it was usually a dry heat and we'd soon get used to it. My question is.........................WHEN?

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