Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Morning with Annie

Hello Reader/readers:

Something just happened and I'd better put it down while it's still fresh in my mind. What I did was completely out of character for me, but sometimes you just have to sit back and make a decision. My decision was to not fall into this crevice and stop attracting the wrong element. The first thing I noticed about this high school teacher, was that she couldn't spell, but I forgave that, after all, she has a house in Flagstaff! (Mountains with cool breezes through Pines)

Hi from Flag,
So your a brain guy? I think we may have a lot in common. What do you think? I have a home in Scotts. and one iin Flag. Annie

Hi Annie:

First, thank you for initiating contact, that's difficult for some people. Next, I'm more than a little disappointed that you don't want to parent anymore children. I was really really looking for someone that would join me in parenting a baby, thus creating the first instant grandchild in history, completely skipping over an entire generation. (I hope you realize I'm joking here.)

I did indeed enjoy your profile and would like to get to know you better. You mention that you have a home in Flagg and I find that very attractive as the temperature soars up around 110, lol.

One of the questions that Match SHOULD require is: How many times have you been married? Personally, I like a woman that has experience in relationships. I see that you list widow as marital status and for that I offer my condolences...

PS. With 2 homes, how do you remember where you left your glasses?

2. Very funny, more kids! No thank you. However I do enjoy practicing. Funny my youngest son had a baby five days ago! Just got back from Berkeley.
One has tons of glasses and then they don't worry I am so luck to have two worlds, the desert and the mountains.
I have been married once. Long term. All ended in a horrible crash on the 101 several years ago. My late husband was a prominent well liked business man. How about you, Mr. Me. No name#?#/ I have dated quite a bit in the last couple of years. I am very social. I enjoy people of all ages. How about you?
So you are attracted to brains in women? I am attracted to a man who is a great conversationalist, kind, fit, eats healthy and is also smart. Someone who has strong points that I don't have. What do you want? I also love a guy who lkes to play and tease and laugh. Your note was witty and fun.
How many kids do you have? I have two boys? Grandkids? Both boys went to Ca Berkeley. Both guys literally never came home. They love CA. I have two grand children, a little girl and a new baby boy.
So what do you think, ME? Name, pls. Annie

3. I just reread your bio, and I like you. You are funny as hell. Annie D

4.Ok, what is stink eye? Annie
5. Hey Me.
What did you do for a living, Mr. Stink EYE? Or is that a top secret? Where did you go to college? BTW we are both mid westerner's! Why do we always find each other? So what are you doing? Tonight I am going to my best friend's house for a Jamican dinner. My girlfriend's 95 yr old mother-in-law is in town, with her nurse, who is from Barbados and she is doing an authenitic dinner party for us all. Isn't that the coolest? Can you top that? How long have you lived in Phx. Where? I am off of Shea and 136th St. I am listening to Pink on my Ipod. I love her. "I Don't Believe You" is playing. It is gorgeus. Go to Amazon and listen to it and tell me what you think, pls.? I am still in my work out clothes.
So if you like brainy women. Do you date ugly brainy women? Ha! Annie D.

My Final Reply:

You had me thinking I was negligent when I shared my deepest thoughts with you, about 30 minutes ago. I just checked and that thing written above the PS, was indeed my name. M-E-L... My mother chose that name and my father never spoke, so Mel is was. When she was living, I mentioned many times my opinion of her choice, JEEZ!

I just got your second email. You JUST now read my profile??? What did you base your first contact on? I didn't think women were supposed to be just visual, (like men).

I've been married 3 times, one passed away. My first wife of 11 years gave me 2 sons also. One is out of state. One in Illinois and the other here. The Illinois boy has 3 kids with 2 different wives and the AZ boy has one son, 6.

All men are attracted to pretty women, it's just natural. I've found that the prettiness wears off pretty quick when the sun comes up. That's when the bright, creative mind comes in handy. My first wife was an arm piece, if you will, but when the dust settled, there wasn't much left.

And here comes email number 3! The Stink Eye from the Little Rascals. Picture Alfalfa giving Spanky a "dirty look". There you have the Stink Eye!

Wife number 2 passed away and number 3 was a good choice, but had never been married before and frankly made a terrible wife. She just didn't know how to do it. I know that sounds strange.

I just received email number 4 and frankly, you're a little over the top for me. Good luck in the future and enjoy your weekend. If you ask yourself what happened, look back at your over-attentive attitude. Smothering...

I knew she wasn't the type to just accept my decision and that an email was yet to come and sure enough, it blasted into my mailbox with rapid fire. I thought of blocking her, but she really hasn't annoyed me ..................yet. Honestly, it was the "go to Amazon, pls", that got to me.

Interesting Mel,
I am an artist and I am visual, completely. However, I do realize as you do, that once the initial attraction, there has to be more. I am attentive, and also in the moment. Sorry that it smothers you. I have never heard that one before. Good to know, because I am very loving and kind. Best to you also. Annie

You know, I never really thought she was too cute, either.

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