Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Squeaky Comes Home...

(sneaking around)
(Squeaky in his hole)

Yesterday I filled in the hole that Squeaky had made as an entrance to him humble home. I toyed with the idea of sticking my arm into the hole, to try to retrieve some of my stolen tomatoes, but thought better of such a foolish deed. This morning, I see that Squeaky is back and just basking in the sun catching early morning rays. I went out to ask him where he'd been for the past 30 or so hours, but something frightened him and he ran away. I took a cup of coffee out there to enjoy or Arizona summer and read the newspaper, before it got unGodly hot, when suddenly I smelled tomatoes. It was Squeaky. He had sneaked up behind me and I could smell the tomatoes still on his breath!
Isn't it funny how things seem to run in series? When I was in the car business, for a period, all of the cars I bought needed radiators, then it was paint jobs, next they seemed to need windshields. Well the same thing seems to be happening with women. All of the women I'm meeting now are 5' 2"! Honestly, that's kind of short for me. You know how I love to dance and when my dance partner is short, it kind of hurts my neck to hunch over. I may have met the perfect woman. (except her height), she gorgeous, blond with blue and a dynamite fugure. She's a college prfessor at Paradise Valley Community College and teaches psychology. Yesterday morning I carved a notch into my cell phone, as I broke a new personal record and we spoke on the phone for 3 hours and 31 minutes and not only did we laugh like hyenas, because she's hysterical too, but I learned more from her than any instructor or shrink I ever met. Here's the best part. She uses AT & T too, so I didn't ANY minutes! Life just don't get any better than that...

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