Thursday, December 27, 2012

All I Got for Christmas was a Pimple!

With the exception of one, somehow I've spent the last 5 Christmas' with LJ. Beginning in 07, when we went to my son's home with a huge stuffed bird that talked, for my grandson Max, to this past holiday where LJ, Macy the dog and myself spent a quiet Christmas stuffing delicious lasagna into our starving faces and watching a pecan pie in the corners of our eyes, praying there would be room for it.. Our prayers came true!

Due to the economics of the year, we agreed not to exchange presents, I know I have enough ties to last me the rest of my life. To my surprise, LJ broke our agreement and in a stocking that said Mel on it, LJ had stuffed it with gifts. Jules took off for a while, driving to her daughter's house to present gifts to her grandchildren, while Macy slept and I played on the computer and telephone, but all the while eyeing my stocking stuffed with presents. You know that feeling when someone gets you a present and you didn't get anything for them? That "cheap" feeling? Oh well...

When she arrived home, she announced it was time to open presents. Macy went crazy as usual and LJ threw my stocking onto my lap for me to open my gifts. I made all the right noises. You shouldn't have, gee for me??? In the bottom of the stocking there was a cylindrical package that I had no idea what it was. LJ prompted me to open it first. I did. As I ripped off the paper, there stood a can of Aqua-Net Hair Spray. At first I was confused, but almost immediately my mind went reeling back to my high school days and it was the 3 minutes between classes when the halls lined with lockers were opened and every girl in our school was standing there, looking into her personal mirror and respraying he ratted hair in a circular motion, so her Bubble hair style would not go limp for another hour. The boys walked through coughing and waving their hands in front of their faces to try desperately to breathe through the fog of lacquer.

The truth be told, I use hair spray to hold the few hairs that I have left in place. Because LJ and I have lived together and there was a time, a long time ago, that she would attempt to run her fingers through my hair, she knows about it and used to shop for hair spray for me. Naturally, this private joke brought on quite a laugh when I realized the meaning of my gift

I used a little hair spray today. Thank God it was the unscented!

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