Monday, December 31, 2012

Shootin' the Shit...

I think the year was 1991. I had just carried my second wife out of the house over my shoulder, to her new home with her daughter, DONE! Brad, my 19 year old son had finally moved in with me a few months before and it was New year's Eve. As a tradition, we took my 25 caliber Beretta out to the yard and looked for a target to shoot at, to bring in the new year. As a conscientious citizen of Phoenix, we NEVER shot into the air, but rather a focal point somewhere into the twin Palm trees that grew in the corner of our yard. Primarily into the ground, with the Palm trees behind our target. 

Jenny, was our Wire Haired Terrier, who came to us from my step-daughter Boom Boom. Boom Boom was now the hostess to her mother, but refused to accept her dog when the split up took place. Jenny, the dog, was quite a character. Once she jumped through her bedroom window, while it was closed, to get to the postman who was violating her territory, by delivering the mail. Cha ching! On another occasion, as I pulled up to the house, there stood Jenny on my roof, just barking her head off. How in the world did she accomplish that? I researched the situation and realized that she had jumped up on a pile of firewood. From there, she hopped up onto the shed. From there, she did a tight rope walk across a 2X4 that lined the gate of our yard and then up onto the roof! All of this took place a good 15 years before YouTube! Back to my story about New Year's Eve;

Brad and I went outside to look for a safe place to shoot off our gun, an AZ tradition. I said, do you see that dog turd laying right in front of the palm trees? He nodded his recognition. It had a little squiggle right on the top of it, just like you get from the Dairy Queen... We aimed and fired and took turns shooting. Pretty anticlimactic, right? A few minutes later, we went back into the house to watch NYE and Dick Clark when my phone rang. It was my father calling from Florida to wish us a Happy New Year and he asked what we were doing? I looked at Brad and answered into the phone, "Brad and me? We just stood around shooting the shit"!

Happy New Year, 2013!

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