Monday, December 3, 2012

My LAST AT&T Story, I promise!

I thought my trouble was over when I switched to Verizon, last Tuesday. Jordan, my representative, turned out to be less than efficient with my crossover. He never called me when my new iPhone 5 came in and I had to trace it to their store and call to pick it up. Things were different when I was in sales. He claimed he was off when it came in and had no way of knowing, an unacceptable excuse, particularly when I went in there on Saturday and was informed that Saturday is his day off, not Thursday. Hmm.... The reason that I was there was, I had called and texted several people to inform them that I had switched to Verizon and no one called or texted me back. It wasn't until I turned on my old AT&T phone that I realized something was wrong, because there were 5 text messages and 3 voicemails waiting for me there. Uh oh! Calling Verizon, I was told to bring them both in. 

I arrived with both of my hands busy, holding one phone in each hand. After some waiting and explaining, I was told that Jordan, my previous hero had not handled the crossover correctly and my phones were intermingled, GASP! A little guy, about 5' 2", their MANager, hardly more than a TEENager, made some calls to the "port center", whatever that was and I was then told to keep both phones in the ready position until I receive a text message from Verizon that the switch was complete. To ad insult to injury, I was expecting a gentleman that contacted me through Craig's List to come by and buy my old AT&T phone, but how could I sell it with both my personal information on it as well as my incoming emails, texts, and calls? Not to mention those very personal pictures that an old girlfriend sent me of her new boobs! The MANager told me it would only be about an hour and certainly I could put everything off until then, right?

Five hours later and still no text from Verizon, I called Kristy and she told me it could take as long as the whole weekend to get that text, she had Verizon and knew. I called the port center on my old AT&T phone and explained my mini-dilemma. The lady understood my problem and put me on hold as she worked her magic. Suddenly, my called dropped and I was afraid I'd have to start all over again, so I tried calling out again and nothing. This was typical of my old AT&T phone and the reason I was changing to Verizon. I kept trying and nothing. Suddenly a light bulb lit over my head and I wondered if the switch over was complete and perhaps my old AT&T phone was rendered permanently inoperative! ( a position it was accustomed to) All of a sudden, my new Verizon phone rang for the first time ever and it was the lady from Verizon explaining that she disconnected my old phone and everything was now complete on my new phone. She couldn't see me but I was jumping up and down! I thanked her repeatedly and texted my buyer that it was too late to try to consummate the deal tonight, that I had plans to go to Chandler. He agreed to call me tomorrow, but that never happened.

The following day, Sunday, I placed yet another ad on Craig's List and received about 10 calls, texts and emails in the first 10 minutes and sold my old inoperative AT&T phone for cash, 20 minutes later. It took me 20 minutes to get to the location because I still had to remove all of my pictures and the entire email account from that phone, because Verizon forgot to do it AGAIN! Well that was easy, wasn't it?

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