Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Strange Thing Happened Tonight...

I'm 66 years old (damn) and for all of my life, I've been enamoured by girls. That seems to have changed suddenly, so call this my coming out party. I am now officially enamoured by women! No more girls for me. My ideal woman is a grandmother, but one that has kept her shape somewhat intact and still has that irresistible gene that says, "Take Me", but of course, not without permission!

In my ongoing search for a mate in this world we live in, I spoke with a lady tonight, for what turned out to be 2 hours and 15 minutes and if it weren't for her cutting off the conversation, I'd still be chatting away. It went something like this:

The first few moments of our conversation was a tad awkward, us being total strangers put together by a dating service. I wrote to her one evening while on an Ambien high and she responded rather favorably. I quickly ran to the computer to see what I had babbled this time and was pleasantly surprised to see that I was fairly civil. That's not often the case. We agreed to talk tonight, but instead of a phone call, I got a message from the dating service that she had somehow lost my phone number and she supplied me with hers. I called. I started our conversation with,"This is going to go onto your personal record that follows you all the way through school"! She replied, "What, I had my mixer on"... I told her, I never had my mixer on! She said, that's because you probably don't bake! I said, let's move on...

At some point in our conversation, she mentioned she was from Chicago and that's all it took. We were off and running and didn't stop for 2 hours and 15 minutes. I told her that I too was from Chicago and she asked, what part? I said Skokie and and she said, me too! Then she asked if I were Jewish and I told her yes and she again said, me too! I asked what street she lived on and she said, Drake and Drake was just one street over from St. Louis where I lived. I asked what address and she told me and we lived just a block and a half away from one another. I was getting chills! She knew of all the same local restaurants that we went to as kids, where to get her corned beef on Sundays and bagels and lox for that matter. She even worked at the dairy Queen that I went to for Sundaes in the summer. She took her dog to the vet that I worked for when I was only 10, but I quickly realized why we had never run into one another. She is 9 years younger than me. When my friends and I were driving around at age 16, she was 7. She married an Irish Catholic man that was an alcoholic. I was married to a woman that was an alcoholic. Her son is in jail for 3 DUI's and I have a son that did some time for various things too. She owned a chocolate shop in Scottsdale for many years and moved here in 1973. I got here in 1974. She just finished school to study echosonography. She starts her new job in a doctor's office on Monday morning. Echosonography is the study of organs through the echo system, as in an echocardiagram.

It seems that we've made it through the interview phase, now we just have to meet and see if we like each other. Sometimes, that's the hard part!

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