Sunday, January 20, 2013


This is a bad day in the life of me. Today I did something that I swore I would not do. I paid the horrible company of AT&T, rather reluctantly. They didn't earn it in any way, shape or fashion and the time that I spent on the phone with them, before my call would drop, probably came to about 20 hours. Still, nothing but lies and underhanded misrepresentations. Still, this is not a comfortable feeling knowing that some pompous company is going to turn me over to a collection agency. It's also not a good time for that. Dealing with AT&T feels like borrowing from the mob. They have ways of making you pay! My payment was due on 12/28 and on 12/29 I received the first of many threatening letters, by snail mail of all possible ways, but that's not really why I paid. At no time in my life was my credit ever bad. I've always paid everyone on time and in full. Now that I'm anticipating changing my living situation (again), I'm going to be required to have my ducks in a row and no record of not paying my cell phone bill, or even having it delinquent. 

Let's talk about my current living situation and why I'm here. I was previously living with the Lovely Jules and when that situation fell apart, it was time to move on. When I say fell apart, I'm referring to the air conditioning. It quit and really hadn't worked all year, so we lived with space heaters all winter. When spring came and it comes in late February in Phoenix, no one wanted to put out the money for replacing the unit and it was getting into the 100's. I got misdiagnosed with Endocarditis and went immediately to the hospital for treatment. The day that I got out was a rather funny story. I had purchased a truck from a woman for a rather low price, an 01 Dodge Ram extra cab for $1700. Upon seeing her living situation with a 5000 sq. ft house and a 7 car garage, I inquired about storing my Corvette with her. She agreed and I said, you want my car, but you don't want me. She replied that she would rent me a room. Upon looking at the room, it was brand new and had it's own door to the outside, plus it was huge! It was part of a new room addition and no one had ever lived in it before. We shook hands on it after agreeing upon a rental figure that was quite affordable.

The day I moved in, I was in surgery at 10 AM, got discharged from the hospital at noon, moved until 5 PM with the help of my son plus movers and sold the truck for $4500 at 6 PM. I had spent about 6 or 7 hundred on the truck, but still generated a $2300 profit. I was extremely ill from the drugs they were piping into me, by an at home nurse that came everyday. The house was huge and could have been magnificent if it weren't for her. Unknown to me, she was a hoarder! I was under the impression that she had just moved in when I first saw the place, but here it is 6 or 7 months later and things never got cleaned up, but were worse than ever! 

For income, she sells crap on eBay and what she calls her office is stacked with boxes that I have never looked into, why would I? Piles and piles of torn up papers in cardboard boxes. When I first looked at the place, way back when I bought the truck, there was a huge atrium in the center of the house surrounded by glass with a skylight roof. Naturally, it had a dirt floor and could just picture how beautiful it would be with a Bogon Via tree and other desert plants. When I moved in the following week, she had had it cemented and filled with old clothes and new, along side of racks of clothes and to make things kind of eerie, a full box of dolls heads!

With her is her little boy, Ralph. Ralph is about 32 years old and seldom speaks to anyone. When Ralph is in his room and by the way, his room looks as bad as the rest of the house, he watches cartoons on TV, on his iPad and laughs with a woman's voice, really loud. Yeah, it sounds like the Bates Motel!!! He plays video games about 13 hours a day at one sitting and does it everyday. He had a job working, doing research for a motivational speaker, but got fired several months ago. He went to a cooking school and when he graduated was hired by a company in CA, but didn't want to leave her, according to Mommy. Are you hearing dysfunctional? The garbage dumpster is about 20 yards from the backdoor, but piles of garbage lie right next to the back door and if I don't take the garbage out to the road, no one does. I stopped doing it about a month ago and watched it just pile up in the yard. The refrigerator smells like a toilet after heavy use, thank God I've got my own little fridge in my room.

In the 7 car garage, I occupy one bay and the rest is filled ceiling to floor with junk, you know, just like a hoarder?

Aside from the 3 bedrooms, the balance of the house is not heated or air conditioned, too expensive. There are 5 bathrooms, but only Mom's and Ralph's work fully. I have nowhere to shave, so I shave in the shower, which is in mom's room. The bathroom that I choose to use is in the billiard room and somewhat private. It has a toilet but not a functioning sink. There's a bathroom adjoining the laundry room, it had a good toilet and a sink that works, but no lock on the door or mirror over the sink.

One of the bigger issues is no privacy. Mom doesn't have manners and was obviously brought up by turkeys. She's a Chicago, south side Italian and everyone has to know it. She just opens my door and comes walking in without knocking, EVER! In my room, there is a safe room, that her husband was planning on keeping his guns and other things of value. He chose a high road to travel.  The room has it's own AC vent and everything. After I moved in, she had Ralph install rods on the slump block walls and put tons of clothes into it, as well as about 300 pairs of shoes. When she goes out and she used to go out every night and get drunk, she would change into her outfit and model it for me and ask me how she looks. I'd gag and tell her beautiful. When she leaves, I throw up! 

I neglected to mention that Ralphie is 6' 4" and weighs about 275 lbs, so he's no little boy, yet his baby pictures and baby shoes are displayed proudly. Below are a few pictures of this dysfunction.

The Atrium

The Atrium again

The Office

The Office from a different angle.

Master Bedroom

And again

Ralphie's Room

He learned it from Mommy...

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