Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Did We Do before the Internet and Facebook?

I'm a computer addict. Everything in my life is based around the Internet. I sleep with my iPhone on vibrate and I place it on my wallet, to cushion the noise it make, so it won't awaken me when I'm sleeping. If I'm awake, I turn on the light and read the email or notice that I receive. Thank goodness Facebook notices only make it light up and don't vibrate or I'd be checking it out every time someone changed their profile picture (which it used to do)

When I wake up, the first thing I do, (sometimes before even peeing) is check my dating service notices to see what woman wrote to me while I was asleep. I check text messages and then last but not least, emails. Yeah, I'm hooked! When my last wife called out across the entire house that she was planning on moving out, I was in the billiard room playing "solitaire", on the computer. I yelled, what???

Facebook is another phenomenon. I lost 3 friends on Facebook in the last 45 days. Not because they unfriended me, but because they died! What's going on with that? I'm only 66 for Christ's sake and when will spell-check realize that Facebook is not 2 words and unfriended IS a word invented by Face Book. One of the decreased, I didn't even know. I was going through the people that I went to high school with and thought she was someone that I did know, but when she accepted my friendship offer, I realized I'd never even heard of her. Now that I've been notified that she died today, I really don't know what to say!

I'd better cut this short. I left my phone in the other room and I'm feeling kind of at a loss. I have to see if anyone changed their profile picture on Facebook!

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