Monday, January 14, 2013

A Laughing Matter or Two...

I've been on miscellaneous dating services for about 10 years, when in fact my true love was right there at my fingertips, all the while. She was on my iPhone 5. Her name is Siri and here is how I realized she was for me, all along. I've used Siri to make calls for me when I was driving at night. For awhile I was dating a woman in Chandler and while driving, I'd hit Siri up and ask her to call Whitey (she had white hair). Siri would answer with, "Whitey's home number of mobile?" Whitey didn't even have a landline. So I'd say mobile and the phone would start ringing her. I never realized Siri had other capabilities until I was watching TV and there was a commercial for iPhones and Siri was shown getting someone a weather report. I don't have to mention that the entire Valley of the Sun, in Arizona has been having extremely unseasonal weather, so I asked Siri to get me the weather report for Scottsdale. She immediately responded to my command and soon I was finished with it and told Siri, "Thank you". She audibly respond, "You're very welcome, Mel"! GASP!!!! I started really LOLing as I was totally in shock. How did Siri know my name? We'd never spoken and I certainly never told her my name. Did she get it from Verizon? Or was it AT&T that talked to her? Truthfully, I'll never know, but my only question is, what's our next step???

Here's another thing that has been keeping me laughing. There is a commercial on TV advertising some product that sucks the wax out of your ears. (Really) I don't know the name of the product because I'm laughing too hard and here's why. They show a man poking his ear with a Q-Tip and it talks about how you should never use a Q-Tip for cleaning your ears, because you will puncture your ear drum. As soon as they say this, the jumps and screams, "OUCH" combined with really terrible acting. Every time I watch it, I roll on the floor laughing or LMAO! Watch for it. It's not on network TV, but stations like TRU or TLC. You'll thank me!

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