Wednesday, January 9, 2013

AT&T is the WORST!

If Alexander Graham Bell knew what AT&T was doing, he never would have invented the telephone! I had the misfortune of calling AT&T yesterday to try to get someone to sympathize with me about my bill with them, but to no avail. Until my house went to short sale, a couple of years ago, my credit was about flawless. My number was 825 and I had never not paid anyone for any reason. Five weeks ago I had to breach my contract with AT&T due to, not poor service, but no service, ongoing for about 6 or 7 months. AT&T did nothing to resolve my issue, but insisted on getting paid every month, which I did. Finally, I signed up with Verizon and suddenly I had service, although my monthly bill with them was about $40 per month more than AT&T. Upon termination and switching my phone number to Verizon, I received a bill from AT&T for $309 for breaching my contract. WTF???

Picture this. Every time I'd call AT&T, I'd have to explain my problem to anyone that had the misfortune of answering my call, only to tell me that they were switching me to the tech department, who would listen lazily to my story and then do nothing for me. They would lie and claim they were the savior of the company and then just ignore me. This process usually took about 45 minutes of airtime and I'd never hear from them again. At one point or another, I had spoken to every department within their company. Same results, but I could not call back for a week to ten days because my case was always still open. 

Yesterday, when I called, I refused to tell the answering agent anything and INSISTED on speaking with their supervisor. Some girl answered after leaving me on hold for about 7 minutes, claiming to be the supervisor. Whether she was or not, I'll never know. Here is what I liked about her. She did not talk over me. She was the only employee that AT&T has that did not! However, she literally did nothing for me, explaining that if she credited me 10 cents, she would lose her job, which is a bold faced lie! I replied, no big loss, it's a shitty job with an even shittier company! There was a long pause and she replied, that's not true! I explained that AT&T breached our contract by not supplying service when in fact they agreed to. She countered with, "AT&T does not guarantee service in their contract"! WHAT? I then asked if she had hired a painter to paint her house and sign a contract to pay the painter when he completed it and he did not paint it, would you pay him? I tried it with landscaping and a plumber and she still would not answer. That's when I asked to speak with HER supervisor and she put me on hold. I just hung up, as I could see nothing was going to help my cause.

Having great credit never really helped me, so I'll just have to live with a negative point on my credit, because I cannot get myself to pay that fucking bill!

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